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Flight Cancelled


Going to the DR on April 4th till the 19th BUT here is the story received a call from our travel agent yesterday about a flight cancellation, she advised us that sunwing has cancelled our flight on Monday and moved it to Sunday planes not being full because of all the things happing in the DR. The only bad thing about this is our plane tickets are bought and we cannot change them for the connector flight leaving Timmins on Saturday at 18:30. The problem is this; if for some unknown reason we cannot get out of Timmins that night due to weather we are up a stream without a paddle. Now for the return flight we were suppose to land in Toronto on Monday the 19th with a connector flight home at 21:00 but that has been moved to Sunday so we have to sit in Toronto a day and a half because of this. Sunwing has given us the opportunity to cancel but we do not want this, they have also said that they will give us a $50 dollar voucher per person for future travel kiss my (!) on this for the incontinence. If we so choose to cancel we will loose about $1600.00 for lost airfare from Timmins so I have put this to them we want them to pay for our rooms in Toronto for Sunday night and meals and we will take our chances with the flight leaving on the Saturday the night before just hoping that the weather in both Timmins and Toronto cooperate with us and if for some unknown reason we can not get out that night we will half to take our chances and drive the 8 hour journey at best good road conditions to get there. So my question to the board has anyone else ever had this happen will keep you advised Highball. :sunglasses:


Hi Highball,

Sorry this happened to you.

This is my guess, just curious as to how close (or far away from) to reality it turns out to be. I hope you get what you want, I’m just trying to see if I can “read” the way Sunwing might react.

  1. Flights combined and date changed is in accordance with the sales contract. Tour Operator MUST offer refund as an option as this is not the terms to which you agreed when the contract was entered into. They did and they are in compliance.

  2. You have third party flights designed to connect with Tour Operators package. Not their problem - not their concern. I’m thinking the most they might do is help you get a preferential rate at a hotel that they have an arrangement with; but you will be expected to pay for room and food.

  3. You want them to pay for room and food for the now poor connection with their new dates.
    a) Under your original plans you were going to be in Toronto Sat & Sun nights to connect with a Monday package (2 nights). Under the revised plans you are in Toronto Sat night on the way down and Sun night on the way back (2 nights). I don’t see that the out of pocket expenses are much if any different. (If i misinterpreted this from your post I apologize.)
    b) In any event a connector not arranged through the Tour Operator AFAIK falls under 2) above.

As I see it you have two options:

  1. Accept the change and hope there are no connecting problems on the way down (is it possible to leave earlier on Saturday even if there might be a “small” change fee with your connector airline - it would allow more time in case of less than perfect weather).

  2. Cancel, get a refund and search (or search first to see if you ban find a plan “B”) for an alternate package leaving with another carrier on the same original dates (may be a different property or destination or both). Of course the pricing may be the same or more or less; also.

Both these options protect your connector flight investment.

I agree with you that the $50 voucher is a non-starter and a waste of time and effort on everyone’s part.

Oh, yes - the question; no, this has never happened to me but we have been diverted several time so that a previously non-stop flight was a one-stop wonder. No compensation offered.

A future option, not trying to promote Air Canada, but if you book with AC Vacations the connector is their responsibility also and they WILL change it to adapt to any changes. Also as their Toronto - DR flights are scheduled, not charter, they generally DO NOT MAKE CHANGES such as you experienced.

I sincerely hope this works out for you.


Hey Highball,

I know your frustration well. This happened to us two years ago with Air Transat and a package to San Andres Colombia. We had to fly from the states to TO then on to San Andres. AT pushed the flight back a day both ways.

We tried everything to get AT to pay the $99.00 PP flight change for the trip from TO back to Philadephia but no go. So we had to spend an extra night in TO going out or else pay another 99.00 PP to change the first flight. So all in all it cost us $200.00 to change the return flight plus another night at the hotel in TO before the trip. Then to make matters worse there was a freak ice/snow storm the day we were leaving for San ANdres we were the last flight out before they closed down the airport in TO. That would have really been horrible if we would have had to sat in the airport for two days.

They have your money already and don’t give a hoot. Make the best of it and don’t stress about it.

Happy travels


Thanks for your response to my post. I will just have to wait and see what the response is and go from there. We did look at ACV with a cheap connector from Timmins to Toronto for 89 bucks, but the cost of the vacation itself was way over priced compared to Sunwing. I am hoping to get out earlier in the day on Saturday but no guarantees with a small airport and a DC8 flying 50 passengers out at a time. Weekend flights are usually packed and sometimes overbooked. I guess the reality of all of this is your fortunate to live in a big city from where the packages depart from because you have none of these worries. I guess I will have to move to TO or Montreal and not have the hassle……lol….
The one good thing is that my agent talked to Sunwing and they were waiting for a response from the supervisor. This is the second time they have offered us a change….maybe I should cancel and book another tour for the same dates. Sunwing told my agent that they did not want to loose this booking as there are a lot of people changing. Maybe best bet, cancel go on line and look for last minute or what is available. Probably save myself big dollars. Greg what is another great resort in the DR, Punta Cana?
Thanks Highball


We’ve had this happen to us twice now. The winter after 9/11 Air Transat cancelled all Dec and Jan flights out of Halifax. We were booked for a Jan flight and they bumped us back a whole month. We of course cancelled but had to pay extra to fly to Toronto to take our Jan vacation, and by the time they let us know about the cancelled flights most of the early booking deadlines had passed. We have not used Air Transat since.
Last year it was Conquest who changed our flight date by 2 days. The change in dates did not work out with work vacation schedules so we had to cancel and again pay extra to change our flight to Toronto.

So let’s face it they can do whatever they want but if you need to change a date by a day or two or even a week they will charge you for it. They hold the power.


TEXTSorry bout your problem,
good resorts in Punta Cana?
They’re all good if you repeat the following slogan…
We don’t have fun, we are fun !!!


Sunwing will give us each a $50 dollar voucher for our next trip with them NOPE they will give us each advance booking of our seats a value of $20 dollars per person better then nothing for a total of $80 dollars, to sum it all up a total of $280.00 for the inconvenience of the change in flight schedule, or option 3 give us back all our money for the trip that is booked with them… Now decision decision decision if it was not for the late departure from Timmins at the end of March with who knows what the weather will be like it is not a bad deal I guess, because in all they did not have to do anything. Have till the end of the week to make up our minds.

Regards Highball :sunglasses:


Do you by chance have a package policy from RBC Insurance that includes cancellation insurance? The insurance will cover change fees for connecting flights provided you can supply proof of a schedule change from Sun Wing.


That does not work in my case because the trip is April 4th if it was a few days they said maybe.



same thing is just happening to me . My travel agent called and said our returning flight from Puerto Plata to Toronto was canceled. We were originally going from Sunday- a Monday. She gave us a option of comming home a day early… Dunno what that was about… or staying for a extra day and a half without paying anything extra plus getting $100 vouchers for future travel. This is with Redseal which is the same doodoo as sunwing… so our trip was suppose to be 2 weeks sunday-sunday, but than our T/A said we could go on the Sunday-Monday for the same price, took that and now instead of 2 weeks we’re basically there for almost 2.5 Im not arguing with that !


Nope you cannot beat that BUT when you live in Toronto that is just fine no connector flight to get home. We have a 400-mile journey north of you and if you do not take the connector kiss $1600 good by for 4 tickets return.

Highball :sunglasses:


[quote author=Highball link=board=general&thread=1106489999&start=8#0 date=1106764877]

That does not work in my case because the trip is April 4th if it was a few days they said maybe.


I don’t understand why the date would have anything to do with it. Is it RBC that you hold a package policy with? It specifically states the condition under risk number 36 that there is coverage:


If I understand correctly, the international flight has backed up 1 day so your connector flight will come in after the new scheduled departure, right? If this is the case, you should be able to pay the change fee with the airline and submit the claim.

Please let me know if I am mixing this up. My eyes are going googly trying to take it all in. Just trying to help…


We decided not to cancel as we want to go to the Punta Cana area, what was happing was that our flight was moved one day earlier and our connector is still going to get us there the day before so we can not put a claim in for that reason.


Hey there Highball!

I must say, that through all of this you have been keeping a great disposition, and that is to be admired!

I am sure that all of this will only make all of those FREE Presidente (okay, we know we have paid for them in the ticket, but for all of our sakes…FREE) taste a WHOLE lot better!

Good for you!

Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee


Greetings Jimmy

This day and age you have to be open minded and make the best of it, i am sure everything will just work out fine, i can taste those FREE Presidente now.

Cheers Highball :sunglasses: