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Flight Changed to Canjet

Hello All,

We are booked to go to Club Caracol, Santa Lucia in January. When we booked the flight was with Air Transat. I have been told our carrier is now Canjet. We don’t know much about them. The flight times have changed a little bit for the better (an hour earlier both ways).

Has anyone gone with Canjet? Did we get a better airline than Air Transat? :-X We are also hoping to take a couple of NJT bags down - as luck would have it I have been approved by Air Transat to take the additional luggage! Any info on airline would be great!


Better than air transat??
The flying zodiak boat at Cayo Coco is better than air transat…lol.

[quote=@jethro]Better than air transat??
The flying zodiak boat at Cayo Coco is better than air transat…lol.[/quote]

Great line Jethro. Best chuckle I’ve had all week!

The only downfall is that they don’t have Club Class with Canjet…sniff sniff
I think we are spoiled now!! ;D


Personally, I’ll take Transat over Canjet any day!

cubafanatic: here are some recent threads discussing Canjet:



Thanks for those reminders, Anne

With our limited choices, out of Vancouver, our experience has only been with Skyservice and Air Transat. Seating on both airlines was equally atrocious and we had emergency row seats every flight. I can only imagine the discomfort others experienced :stuck_out_tongue: For our next trip, we went out of our way to book with a tour operator using Air Transat with access to Club Class. For once, we are looking forward to our 6 hour flights :smiley:

I’ve travelled with Canjet a couple of times, both satisfactory. More room than Skyservice, or for that matter Transat unless you go Club Class. There was no movie, or provision to have one, on the aircraft that I flew on. However, the “snack” was pretty good and the flight attendants were very good. No complaints. :smiley:

Thanks all! I figure one is the same as the other. As long as it gets me to Cuba! Anyone know of NJT bags and Canjet???

Yes - CanJet allows Humanitarian Aid if it is organized ahead of time. You can contact NJT for specific info, as I think that CanJet requires a letter from them in order to have free shipping of a NJT case.
Happy Vacation!

CanJet has some new planes this year, 737-800, but I don’t know which routes that they are using them on.

I have had a response from Canjet. I need a letter from a church or humanitarian organization in order for us to have the extra bags carried for free! What a relief. I have contacted NJT to request bags of supplies for our trip. I would guess that a letter from them would qualifies as a humanitarian organization. If not I will ask the minister of the church to help us out!