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Flight questions Air Canada


Hey i’m a travel newbie, so I have a couple questions. I’m flying to Toronto , and want to know if I can check in earlier? My flight arrives at 2:45, and the connection to POP is 4:05. They’re both Terminal 1, so I guess I don’t have to change terminals…? ???
I just want it to go smoothly, it’s my first vacation.


With AC you can check-in online 24 hours before your first flight (not sure about the international leg iof the flight but I think I did last year on the flighjt to PUJ).



We flew to Puerto Plata last year via Air Canada. We flew from St. John’s and had to connect to our flight in Halifax 14 hours later. When we checked in at the St. John’s airport, they gave us our seats for the Puerto Plata flight and checked our luggage right through. The assurance of the ticket agent wasn’t good enough for my friend so while we were at the Halifax airport she got an employee to go the the baggage hold area and make sure that our luggage was removed from the St. John’s flight and was indeed in the hold area for the Puerto Plata flight.