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Flight WG410 Jan16th at 6:10pm


I did not know whether to put this in the meeting place or what!

I am curious to know who else on this forum is booked on flight WG410 out of Toronto on January 16th at 6:10 in the morning going to POP? There never seems to be anyone who is going to the same resort as me (The Victoria), but I am sure the plane will be full and when we all land we will spread out and go to our different destinations in POP or disembark in Samana.

Will I see anyone in the departure area or in the check-in line at the airport that Tues. morning that uses this forum?

Just curious. Like 6 degrees of separation! I knew some one who knew some one…well you get the idea!



hi ruth

we are flying out on the 16th with air transat at 7am going to pop at paradise beach club hope you have a great trip


only FIVE more days!!!