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We’ve made enquiries today about holidaying next January in La Romana and told we would fly to Punta Cana airport from the UK. We thought we would fly to La Romana airport, does anyone know why?

Different airlines have arrangements to land at certain airports. Sometimes it has to do with length of runways and size of aircraft. Other times it’s just the agreements that have been made between the flight companies and the airports.

When I looked into booking our holiday originally a lot of the flights were going to Punta Cana with that 90 minute transfer to Dreams La Romana. Not sure about flights from the UK, so I can only suggest you visit the different airline web sites and look up where they fly. I found one airline that does fly into La Romana from Canada, and we booked with them.

Good Luck!
Storm :sunglasses:

Hi ilove,
I’m not sure about the UK but there are Canadian companies who consolidate their clients into a multi stop flight when they can’t fill a plane.
Trust me, a half- filled plane isn’t leaving for DR from here.

Others have more knowledge like Bobfromcanada.
More will come

Its not just from the UK…we are leaving from Delaware in the States…we are having to fly into Santo Domingo. We could fly into La Romana BUT it would cost $1000.00 more. NOT worth it. I will travel a 90 minute bus ride to save $1000.00.

It does suck since there is an airport right there. Maybe as the La Romana area becomes more popular more planes will be able to fill and land there.