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Flown Sunwing recently?

Been to Cuba 10 times, first time flying with them!! Any news?

Flew with them Nov 4th/11th to/from Holguin (via Montego Bay!) and had nothing of note happen, other than the disappointment of having to stopover in Montego Bay on the way down. We bought our ticket making sure it would be a direct flight since it was the first time flying with our infant son. Once the e-tickets arrived we saw the flight change, but nothing to do about it since that’s the risk you take (see the fine print). In the end it wasn’t much of a problem. Our son was great on the plane. The staff were very friendly with us, mostly because they fell for Niko. We upgraded to Elite Plus so we could have the bulkhead seats, and it was worth it because of the baby, but we wouldn’t bother if it was just us. We did have to pay for extra weight ($20/kilo) but we were expecting to have to do that. Oh, the only other perk about getting Elite Plus was having the separate line in Toronto. The regular line up was quite long by the time we got there, so going up to the empty Elite Plus line was nice since it meant less time waiting with Niko.

Flew Sunwing last January from Montreal to Manzanillo de Cuba.
I’d rate them #2 of the airlines I’ve flown to Cuba, #1 being West Jet… :sunglasses:

This will be our first time out of winnipeg with them. We also have the elite plus pack.I am not a good flyer so hope all is well.We have gone skyservice in the past and although we were a tight squeeze it was ok.

Returned last night. Flew Sunwing for the first time Vancouver to Varadero with a stop in Calgary.

We also booked Elite Plus to get the extra weight allowance and seat selection.

I must say they were excellent! On board service included a delicious hot meal both ways, hot towel service, champagne, more legroom than we’ve ever enjoyed using Air Transat or Skyservice emergency exit row seating. Priority check-in in Vancouver was a nice perk as well.

I have no hesitation in using Sunwing again. The upgrade to Elite Plus was worth it!

We have booked the emergency exit seats row 16, looking forward to Cuba in 5 weeks ;D

Sunwing is our favourite - seats are more comfortable and marginally more space than most others. The food is hot and decent. No delays, no lost baggage. I haven’t flown Westjet yet so can’t compare with them, but Sunwing is definitely far superior to Conquest, Sunquest, etc. We usually get the Elite for the extra leg room and seats near the front.

Excellent choice!

We sat in Row 16 flying to Varadero.

I opted for seats in Row 4 in the Elite Plus section coming back so I could compare the legroom.

Both rows were good but Row 16 was a tad roomier. Best part was that because the washrooms were at the very back or very front of the aircraft, no one was crawling all over you in the emergency exit rows.

Right on, exactly what we are looking for!! I will post our expirence when we get back.

Sunwing no longer has Duty Free on their flights, and they have very few pillows and blankets to hand out, so if you get chilly in the air (menopausal me enjoys the break from sweating, jeje), pack an extra hoodie or blankie. The earphones are free on the way down, and remember to bring them in your bag on the ride home, otherwise they are five dollars a pair. You do get champagne on the way down, and wine with meal; otherwise, drinks are five dollars each. My last two Sunwing flights (Mexico, Cuba), two bright sparks decided to bring their own alcohol and consume it. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW. One fellow apologized right away, but the other guy picked a fight with the attendants. Oy!