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Fly Continental?


A little off topic, but has anyone flown anywhere with Continental? Don’t know what aircraft, but I’m wondering about service and leg room, etc.


Hi Barracuba,

Haven’t had personal experience with this airline, but I do see on their website that their fleet is made up of all Boeing aircraft, and they do show what size of aircraft is used for the various areas they service.

By visiting their website and then going to a “choose your seat” type of website you can get the legroom question answered.


I’ll check that out, thanx.


Hi Baracuba:
I use Continental almost exclusively due to their routes and pricing when I fly back to BC 2-3 times a year. Never had any complaints, good service all around.


Good to know Amigo. Hey, when is Karen down next?


Travis & Karen will be back on Feb. 19th for 5 weeks. Can’t wait!


Barracuba… do you leave this weekend for the Galapagos?


No Rumrunner, a week tomorrow. 14 hours of travel to get there. Funny, one of the local delecasies (sp?) is cuy. (Guinea Pig :o) Allegro, Feb. 19th for 5 weeks eh? Gee, we might have to use our travel points up and come down. I’ll have to do something in the kitchen for ya’ll, I don’t think Karen can put up with your cooking beans and rice for that long. ;D


I look forward to your cooking Bruce! The Monkey Bar has reopened for a 6-9 month period while permits are being optained for condos. Meanwhile, good old rock n roll on weekends, big screen TV for movies & sport events and great food. I get the cast off my leg mid December so I’ll be in good shape for Feb.


Cast on your leg? :o Was not aware of that Amigo, anything wrong?