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Flying from Manchester


Anyone else flying out from Manchester in May?

Heard the resorts are 70% full of canadian/americans but I’m sure there must be some Brits out there at the same time as us!

Btw, how long is the flight? Never flown out of Europe, 4 hours to a Greek Island is my limit at the mo!


Hi Louise,

We are flying from Gatwick on the 8th May for 2 weeks staying at Casa Marina Beach / Reef resort. You have all nationalities staying in DR and you will probably make lots of new friends.

This is our third trip to the DR and we love it there, would move out there permanently (if only I could win the lotto!)

The flight is approx 10hrs from Manchester, 9 from Gatwick.



Thanks! I can’t wait!

10 hours will be a bit of a drag, will all be worth it tho! ;D


hey fellow brits…

I’m going from Manchester in June to POP airport :slight_smile: can’t wait! With first choice


Flight time can depend on the winds, last couple of times we have had tail winds and got there in eight and a half hours from Gatwick. Don’t worry though it doesn’t seem that long when you’re in the plane.

Cheers Amandalou :-*


We have always flown from Manchester and it generally takes around 9 hours. Going there is absolutely fine. You are excited, you are going on your holidays - everything is great.

Coming home is usually quicker because of tail winds. That is the only plus. The return journey is the pits. You travel overnight, your holiday is over and you land in Manchester usually around 6am. :frowning:

What we usually do then is start planning the next trip. We go in June to ICD and the holiday has been booked virtually since we got home last year.


Thanks all!

Don’t mind if there’s no english there but us, although the football banter can usually be pretty funny!

Hoping the plane journey won’t be too boring as i’m flying with 2 people I’ve not yet met as the rest of the family are going the week before me!


Our daughter and her husband are flying out of Manchester on the 2nd of May and staying at the Villas Doradas if it’s still open then they haven’t heard anything otherwise yet !!



We are flying from manchester on may 30th… 1st time to dom rep!


[quote author=amanda board=Poparea thread=1143062881 post=1143234768] Don’t worry though it doesn’t seem that long when you’re in the plane.

Cheers Amandalou :-*[/quote]

Oh it does!

I detest the take off bit…

Hate the landing bit…

And I’m not keen on the bit in the middle!

I get robbed. My wife LOVES flying, so her holiday starts when we arrive at our local airport. Mine starts when I step off where ever we’re going! Mine ends at the airport returning, her’s ends when we arrive back on our little island! 'Tis not fair I tell you!