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Flying out of YYZ from now till May 30? Spectacular DEAL

Travel through May 30; blackout dates apply
$85 per night in a Modern room at Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport
Deal is for two adults and up to two children 17 and younger
Parking for up to 21 consecutive days - included
Breakfast for two
Late checkout (subject to availability)
Wi-Fi and airport shuttle service are complimentary

link is here:

Wow, you are getting a room, breakfast and 21 days parking for the price of 7 days parking.

Good deal for people who need to sleep over in YYZ … thanks for sharing

We used this deal recently. (Stayed over Jan 22.) Bought it last year when it was offered at a rate of $75. It’s a fantastic price. We didn’t get to take advantage of the breakfast because of our flight time. 

Will say, when we got there the girl at the front desk asked if we wanted to be upgraded to the Quiet Zone. Of course we said yes. She said it’s a much nicer room. Well quiet just means no early housekeeping. We were on the side of the building that is next to a flight path. Talk about noisy. No way were the windows insulated. Wow!

My husband loves watching airplanes. We have stayed in other hotels where we ask for a room so he can watch airplanes. So hearing them is no issue…until we stayed here.   It was unbelievable.

For that price though, I would consider it again. Just use earplugs.

Hey, I saw that deal on Travel Zoo. We are going towards the end of March and it is an afternoon flight. So we thought, why don’t we drive to Pearson the day before the flight, check in at Crowne Plaza and have a nice dinner/drinks. Go back to the room and watcg TV??? Then get up in the morning, get our free breakfast and by noon we should head out to the airport! So we told some people from way,way,way up north and they booked the same deal! We usually park at Valet but it was getting expensive (even with coupons and we always go for 2 weeks); so this is a triple win for me - no dinner to cook, no bed to make, no breakfast to cook, my guardian angel is looking after me.

OK, you own me a beer when we meet in Cuba next time. (rofl)

We tried a parking deal I found on the internet 2 years ago. They lease space from hotels in the area and re-sell it. The idea is wonderful but we were promised a shuttle every 30 min. Problem is that both times, they said the shuttle was just there and we’d have to wait 30 min, unless we paid $25. So, we ended up paying $50. more than we counted on. Normally, I’ll wait to save the $$ but in both cases it was super cold and when we returned, it was 2:45 am and we just wanted to get home. If we were staying at the hotel, it would not have been a big deal.

Have a great trip. By the end of March our flowers will be in bloom - I HOPE!! >:D

Hey Dax: I love that angry emoticom. Wherever you were 2 years ago, instead of paying $25, wouldn’t it have been cheaper to call a cab? And I agree, stay at the hotel and guaranteed you won’t be waiting 30 minutes for a shuttle. I can see 10-15 minutes, but either going to or coming from the airport (at least at Pearson), you can always just duck back to the lobby of the hotel or into the airport and keep an eye out for your shuttle. And - I wonder about your flowers in bloom - you must live in a tropical paradise, by the end of March, I’m pretty sure our snow banks will shrink to about 2 feet tall instead of the current 5-6 feet! Geez, can’t wait to get to Santiago. And I’ll splurge and buy you whatever your drink of choice is; doesn’t have to be beer; can make it any liquor at the resort as long as it’s free; but you have to tip!!

Actually, we did use a cab from YYZ to a hotel 3 miles away. I was trying to shorten the story. IF anyone here is desperate and gets a cab at YYZ, the meter will read $25. by the time you are getting off airport property. Something about the high cost of cab licence for the airport. They restrict pick-ups to cabs that have the airport pick-up licence. Now you know.
When I was in Mexico City last fall, we took a cab downtown, which is not all that far but was 30 min with traffic. Cost was under $20. The Metro was 3 pesos which has now risen to 5 - that’s about 30 cents. Amazing. Groping is free.

FYI - that deal is no longer available. :expressionless:

Usually coupon sites run deals for a few days or less while quantities last. I hope you catch it next time or sometimes other deal websites run same deal.

I missed that deal also. Well Comfort Inn, Topflight Drive was really nice & included a hot breakfast, for $90 (8 days parking). Hope we can catch that deal again the end of March.