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Food and Wine at the Grand Palladium Complex

Sorry, I’m a bit of a foodie. ;D

I know AI food isn’t necessarily 5 star from past visits but always anticipate good food and some surpise dishes at the a la cartes.

With that said, across the entire GP complex and Royal Turquesa Suites (where we’ll be in 2.5 weeks):

  • what did you like about the food in general?
  • what buffets did you prefer? :slight_smile:
  • what a la cartes did you prefer? :slight_smile:
  • any particular appetizers or entrees that you really recommend?

And on the down side:

  • which locations did you think weren’t very good
  • did you see/experience any sanitation issues? :o

Last, I remember seeing a post quite awhile back about how RT Suites residents could request upgraded wine at dinner that was still within the AI. Does anyone remember that? Does anyone remember what to ask the waiter/server for?

Thanks all. The leaves are dropping here in CT and I’m looking forward to time on the beach.

Had to go back and read my review from 2006. - The place has changed since then so not sure if this info aplies anymore! We didn’t do the buffet much for supper but the gala night at the Palace buffet was great! For lunch we perferred the selection at the Bejigue buffet at the Punta Cana side!
La Arrecife - was the one we liked the least and only went once! Nothing special here at all!
El Quijote and Mare Mostrum were our favs! At ElQuijote The Garlic Shrimp appetizer was very good The Orly Shrimp was good too but a little too much batter. All 3 times my friend had the Crackling Pork and it was good. I had the Salmon and it too was good!
The Sushi and Peanut Chicken appetizers were both very good at the Bamboo as well.
The RS now has it’s onw restaurnat so not sure how it is. When we were there they had a breakfast set up around the RS pool - which we really liked.

Upgraded wine…well worth asking for! All you have to do is point to your “gold” bracelet and the waiter then knows to serve you the upgraded wine. This was not necessary at some a la cartes as the waiters automatically served the upgraded wine when they saw your bracelet. I felt awkward asking the first time they served the regular wine so I let it go but from then on I made sure my bracelet was visible. We always were served the better wine with a smile after that. We really enjoyed the grilled lobster Sunday eve at the Royal Gourmet and the surf n’ turf on Wednesday eve. The Bamboo restaurant was my fav, sorry I can’t remember the name of my dish. My husband enjoyed the sweet n’ sour pork. The wait staff here was the most entertaining. Never had to worry about being served the better wine here. The mare nostrum was my second fav a la carte. Grilled vegetables…wonderful. Live entertainment travelled from table to table here and at the Spanish restaurant, my other most fav a la carte. We never went to the Dominican a la carte and probably won’t go back to the International as we only have so many nights and they are taken up with our two Royal Gourmet eve’s and our other 3 fav’s. We never went to the buffett for an eve meal. They no longer serve breakfast poolside now that the Royal gourmet is open for breakfast. The Royal Gourmet also offers Argentine Flank Steak, Tenderloin, Chicken Parmesan, Veal Parmesan, grilled veges and mixed meats grilled. One of the reasons we keep going back to the Palladium is because of the good food.

We were at the GP Bavaro last December and will return to the Royal Suites this year. Our favourite buffet was the La Cathedral at the Bavaro section - they had a fantastic gala night (I think it was on the Saturday) that featured just about every food you could imagine. Breakfast at LC was fantastic as well, though we eventually started eating breakfast at the Punta Cana section’s buffet as it was more convenient to the pool we liked to hang out at. As for a la cartes, we both enjoyed the mexican and the asian ones, though we were disappointed that they didn’t have any kind of sushi at the asian (perhaps it was just the night we were there as I see someone else has mentioned how good it was). The seaside restaurant, I think it was El Arrecife, was our least favourite, largely because service was so slow.

As for what to watch out for, the only place that I personally had a problem was at the 24 hour sports bar. I had a hamburger there one night that must not have been cooked through because the next day I had the runs & stomach cramps - approx. 8-10 hours after eating. I had heard other complaints in reviews about burgers not being cooked thoroughly at the sports bar…next time I’ll know better than to experiment! Otherwise, fantastic place, very clean, great food - you’ll love it!

we loved the royal gourmet restaurant! the food and the service was top notch! I had the eggs Florentine and I have never had eggs so delicately cooked and make sure you order the hash browns from the menu ( not the ones on the buffet) they were to die for! we also loved the lobster served Sunday and the surf and turf on Wednesday ( remember it is warm water lobster and tastes different then cold water lobster) champagne with juice is served everyday in the royal gourmet but only 3 days a week in the regular buffets in July. we never made it to the royal gourmet for lunch but that is on the list for the next trip! we often had room service and ate by the royal pool. we ate at the Dominican and the Italian a la cart’s food was good as was the service we liked the Italian better and the bruchetta was really good. we tried all of the buffets one day sort of a progressive lunch ( gathering info for another site) one thing I liked about the buffets at this resort is that they dont all serve the same things! similar yes but not totally. Many have said that la cathedral is the best buffet but we did not eat at them enough to say that. la cathedral certainly has tons of food! and it was recommended by the assistant manager of the resort has having the best buffet on the Dominican night. the one complaint I would have would be the sports bar…I asked for a well done hamburger and was served a raw one :’( the self serve hot dogs had been in the warmer to long :’( the self serve pizza was fine. and yes the royal guests do get better wine just show them your gold bracelet. royal guests also get champagne and upscale drinks at hemingways the other guest would have to pay.

I hate to contradict but all guest can get premium drinks at Hemingways.

We were there in April and thought it was fabulous. We especially liked the Buffet at El Cathedral in the Bavaro section. My hubby loves, loves seafood and was thrilled with the variety he could get each night. I really don’t eat meat or seafood, except for chicken and I had plenty of choices each evening to choose from. We thought the presentation and variety was really good. Capitain of the diningroom was extremely friendly and greeted us every night.

We ate at the Mexican Ala Carte and it was good also, but we liked the buffets so much we were more than satisfied with them

Second Hemmingways. Went every night so hubby could get his Black Russians!!

I know I was drinking frangelico and baileys all last week at hemmingways, included in the all inclusive and we stayed Punta Cana section. I was also offered champange…it was chilling in a giant silver bowl on the bar.


The buffet at the Bavaro section is awesome(la cathedral)!!!
We had the buffet by the beach for lunch (Aracieffe) which we liked too.
Hoping the biffet at the palace is just as good since we are staying at the Royal suites this time :slight_smile:

I have been 4 times and booked for a 5th January 23/09…loved all the buffets and especially the Cathedral at Bavaro…all are very good. El Behique was a great sot for breakfast buffet.
This time we are doing the Royale Suites

[quote=@gregnlynn]I know I was drinking frangelico and baileys all last week at hemmingways, included in the all inclusive and we stayed Punta Cana section. I was also offered champange…it was chilling in a giant silver bowl on the bar.


guess the waiter was joking then when he told me I would have to pay for the champagne until he saw my royal bracelet. or maybe its been changed since we were there, which is a good thing :slight_smile:

For the upgraded red wine ask for “vino tinto especial”. For the upgraded white ask for “vino blanco especial.”