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Food Complaints Department

Hi friends,
Our other forums have separate threads for food compliments and complaints.

I would much rather read the reviews to see what’s right and wrong about a resort

If you don’t want to do a review and just want to give your friends at Debbie’s a heads up about the food quality at a resort you just stayed at, go for it and tell us what made your vacation great, what bummed you out and why.
As in other food forums, your personal expectations about food are expected as part of your comments.

We (your friends at Debbie’s) would prefer a review if you have the time.

Thanks to all in advance,
The Spunk

Spunky I will give my comments re food, but it really means nothing, for example. My wife and I were at Breezes POP from jan 12 to 20, now I must comment here that I am a very fussy eater but my wife on the other hand is not. This was our 4th time at this resort and have never been disappointed. Now there were lots of Items on the buffet that neither I nor my wife would try, but on the other hand I always had variety. The point I am trying to make is everyones Idea of good food appears to be different. There was a post just put from a lady whom was at Breezes short after we were and claimed the food was terrible. Maybe it is the fact that Iam so picky that I stick to the same foods all the time gives me a different slant. I did ask my wife her comments before writing this and she thought the food was average to good. Last year went to PC to Barcelo Chain and we found the food there to very much the same no better no worse than Breezes. Now 2 years ago we did go to Moon Palace in the Mayan Riviera it was a 5+ resort and yes the food their was a higher standard but so was the cost of the trip. In summary what I liked clearly others would not.