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Food probs riu resorts porta plata

anymore info /update on food probs at riu mambo ?

The last two January reviews in Debbies the guests had no problems about the food. In fact one stated he actually did gain some weight

I’ve been reading everything on the 3 resorts and haven’t found anything but good reviews here and at TA.
A single, wet blanket review ( you know the ones where nothing was right, even the weather) over the past year, so, if there was a problem, it’s not apparent anymore.

Hmmm…not sure how old this issue is at the Riu’s in POP. We have seen changes over the years we have been to the Riu’s; they now have staff with hand sanitizer at all public washrooms, restaurants etc. just to mention one. As well, they seem to have more people in the buffet areas continually cleaning up, changing plates of food etc. We are returning for our 7th Riu visit (including PUJ and POP) soon; for us, they do a lot of things well!!

When we were at the Mambo last year, you couldnt get into any food area without using the hand sanitizer… they were VERY strict on this. Food service staff used gloves… and tables were cleared off almost immediately… No issues that we saw or heard of!

Also all washrooms were equipped with hand sanitizer inside, plus someone at the door…just incase you didnt use the inside sanitizer…