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Fooling around (Romance) at Cuban Resorts?


We always find some interesting, romantic spots to be “together” when we visit our Cuban resorts. :slight_smile:
We would love to hear about secluded places others have found.
Safe and close to the resort are important. :sunglasses:
Surely there are other couples who want to know … :wink:


LOL, we thought we had found a private spot on a Cayo Largo visit (1989) until I saw a head pop up in the middle of nowhere. I let out a squeal but hubby says I’m imagining things. Long story short, end of any fooling around and my conclusion that privacy is hard come by outside your room :stuck_out_tongue: I still have to giggle when I think about it. ;D ;D


hehe this thread could get interesting, or off topic LOL


OMG…this sounds like Hedonium in Jamaica to me. LOL Heard so many stories of that place LOL

To each their own I say.

A walk on the beach early in the morning all alone with my fella is romantic to me.


I’d say beachwalking would be in the top 3. We love our Cayo Largo deserted beaches.


The top three spots that we have,used :o are;
Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo

After about a mile to the west of the Sol Club
there are lots of deserted beaches to reenact " From Here to Eternity"


[quote=@verycoldcanadian]The top three spots that we have,used :o are;
Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo
Cayo Largo

After about a mile to the west of the Sol Club
there are lots of deserted beaches to reenact " From Here to Eternity"

Make sure you don’t end up on Youtube…that’s where we almost got caught out :o ;D ;D
Now, like Spunky and sunlover, we stick to romantic strolls on the beach and decandently, romantic dinners at the ala cartes…I’ve always been a pushover after a bottle of champagne :wink: Hey, we’ve been married 39 years, you need a little romance on vacation to last that long ;D


Hey Steffie, Since '68 for us. Beachwalks have been a factor from day one.
Champagne, A La Cartes and a good Band …


I haven’t personally used any “romantic” locations, but walking with a Cuban friend at Santa Lucia beach, I spotted a drifting paddleboat. When I pointed it out to my friend, with the suggestion that perhaps we should rescue it, he explained to me why the apparently deserted boat was where it was. Cover for a couple engaged in “romance” in the sea behind it. :wink:

I have also encountered couples “spooning” on the beach at Jibacoa, just past the point to the west of Cameleon Villas. I wouldn’t have had a clue, but the motion involved was unmistakable. People do seem to find spots where they can discretely (or otherwise) be “together”. :smiley:


There are plenty of “Tiki Huts” and shelters that were set up on the Cayo Largo Beaches. Some are up the beach near the banking and many others are mid-beach.
There’s 40Km of beaches but only 10 Km that can be accessed easily from the resorts.
As the Doctor, VCC, says, plenty of opportunities to "Catch Up"
Are there great stretches of deserted beaches or berms at Cayo Coco/Guillermo, Holguin or CSM? We heard of a nice deserted beach beyond Cayo Guillermo and a maybe beach to the left of Sol CSM.


We rented scooters to try to get to the south end of the beaches on Cayo Santa Maria, I know the beaches are there, you can see them on Google Map, but they had the roads closed, they are building a new hotel down near that end and you can’t get to them. I thought it would be a nice trip to a deserted beach but turned out to be a no no and very rough roads


My favorite spot on the Cayos have been too that beach many many times. There use to be a caretaker who lived in this area. You could buy beers from him. Now the house is gone, last trip in May could see the cranes for the new hotel. Was also there in December and no problem getting to the beach. We take a taxi 30 cuc’s return, once there we walk for a mile or so, to the end of the beach, perfect. A scooter I just would not feel safe on and also leaving it all day…

here is a pic of the care taker and the house which is gone….http://www.flickr.com/photos/39609063@N08/3698512007/
The beach use to be better since the sand surge some rocks are now in the water.
just a great place…


We have a Cuban friend who is currently building a house for rental by those of us who don’t always want to stay at a resort. He casually mentioned that when it’s not being rented by the day or week, there’s always the “hour by hour” business. I guess the lovers in the crowd can try that option, but I think I’ll bring my own sheets if I stay there.


The WHOLE hour ???
In that heat, that sounds like a heart attack on order.
But, that IS the way to go !!!


Yeah, sure beats having a heart attack at work!


Where is this sheet challenged spot?


I think just outside Cardenas.