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? for the ladies

Ok what do you pack for a one week stay in clothing. I know some of us change several times a day but hey realistically what do you pack.
tell me if I am wrong here or am I missing something.
I am thinking to pack at least

  • 2 bathing suits - one cover up
  • under garments for a week. emmm
  • 2 evening dresses
  • 5 pairs of shorts
  • 7 - t -shirts / tops
    -2 pairs of capris
  • one pair of heels for evening wear
  • flip flops
  • and I will be wearing runners.
  • a couple of light sweaters
    Am I over packing or is this the bare minimum a gal should bring on vacation clothing wise?

I bring most of that minus the dresses. I find skirts more suited for myself… I also bring 3-4 bathing suits,because you never know…I also like to bring more then one pair of flipflops incase one breaks… In general you have a good list though!!!

Ok so extra flops I actually agree because one year we were there mine broke and I ended up buying a wooden pair made in Cuba boy did they ever hurt my feet after a while. I still have them by the way. They were nice just not good for walking any distance.
wow 4 bathing suits. I guess I need to go shopping. LOL

Don’t forget to bring along a hat and two pairs of sunglasses (in case you lose a pair or drop them into the ocean!)

I also take 3 bathing suits, one of which I pack into my carry-on bag in case my suitcase goes on a trip of its own, and three coverups which match/co-ordinate with my swimwear.

I take three pairs of shorts rather than 5 and only one dress along with a skirt or two because skirts tend to be lighter weight than a dress and can be mix/matched with tops.

Ditto on the two pairs of flip flops although I prefer Ginga brand beach shoes rather than flimsy flip flops.

I would have 3 suits. No need for 2 evening dresses. take a wrap that works over your suit or as an evening wrap. I wear a skirt on the plane and that can be used in the evening also. Three shorts will be enough and I have yet to ever wear heals on vacation … since you asked

My clothing packing list looked very similar to yours! Except that I took 3 skirts and 2 shorts, I found I could wear the skirts during day trips and also in the evening to dress up a bit. I also took one pair of summer heels that I wore for the a la cartes in the evening. I wore just about everything that I took and almost wished that I would have taken a couple of extra tshirts! And I also took 2 bathing suits but only ended up wearing one favorite one the entire time, just washed it every day after each time on the beach.

:slight_smile: I live in my bikinis during the day so I take at least one for each day. I also have a different outfit for each night, whether it’s a dress or skirt and top. One pair of heels for the evening, one pair of beach sandals (they substitute for running shoes), two pairs of shorts and about 4 t-shirts. One light-weight cashmere sweater for the evening that I can drape over my shoulders if necessary and that’s about it.

I cut down on toiletries and hair appliances but must have my super-duper hair conditioner, moisturizer and sunscreen. :-*

Skirts instead of dresses; I agree! Too many tops; I brought that many and wore 1/2 of them; You aren’t really wearing them that long each day cause your in your bathing suit most of the time so I find you can wear a top more than once. I brought three suits but two would be enough next time. Maybe my toes were just sensitive after being cooped up all winter, but my flip flops stung my toes, so next year I’ll have to rethink that. I saw lots of ladies wearing dresses and heels, but to me it’s overboard. Skirts, and tops, mix and match, good sandles, oh and two pair of shorts was plenty for me.

Have fun!

OK, I’ll throw in my support for dresses - I love summer dresses!

On the plane, I prefer to wear long pants (usually linen), otherwise I find I get cold. Depending on the season I’m travelling, I wil be wearing a cotton vest and a denim jacket on the plane, that way I have two items to choose from to wear at dinner if it’s cooler in the evening or if the A/C is high in the restaurant.

Since I wear contact lenses, I always bring an extra pair, just in case.

We always go for 2 weeks and I still only take 2 bathing suits and 2 pairs of walking shorts. I prefer capris or skirts to shorts. Sticking to a colour palette that allows intermixing of tops and bottoms helps, as well. For myself, I stick to black and white and navy with a number of bright coloured tops that will go with everything. For evening, I have a pair of black Tommy Bahama cabana pants that I adore. They are light, drape beautifully, dress up or down and wear like a dream. For evenings, I take a couple of pashimas/shawls to keep off the chill rather than sweaters.

Ok here it goes…I’m almost embarrased to say what I pack. I’ll be the first to admit I ALWAYS over pack but I can never decide what I want to wear so I pack a bunch of things and hope for the best. We usually go for 2 weeks so I will take 7 bikini’s, flip flops, casual shoes for walking, and 3 dress sandals. I live in heels : )
Then I also love summer casual dresses( light weight) so I usually pack about 5, a few skirts, a couple pais of capris and a short…I know I know :o lol
Oh I can’t forget my three wraps for around the pool and opps I missed my dressy tops that I will wear with my short and capris. I usually pack about 5 dressy tops and 4-5 casual tops.
I hope no one has fallen off thier seats ready my sutcase list…lol
I will try to not pack as much when I go in the next few weeks. It will be hard but i will try my best. Maybe there should be a class for people who over pack thier luggage…Ha Ha HA
Anyway please don’t go by my list or we will all be in trouble!! ;D


I take 3 or 4 bathing suits, a coverup and a sarong, undies, 4 casual t-shirts or tanks and 2 dressier tops, 2 pairs of capris that I can dress up or down, 2 skirts that I can dress up or down, a pashmina, a pair of flipflops, a pair of sandals that can dress up or down, and a pair of fancier sandals. I wear yoga pants, t-shirt, light sweater and running shoes on the plane. I don’t even bother bringing shorts because my preference is for capris or skirts anyway. And I bring a cute little evening clutch purse for my key and lipstick when I go out to dinner.

I find that most of the time I am in my bathing suit anyway, and end up only wearing the other items for a few hours to dinner and in the evening. So, it’s possible to wear tops and bottoms more than once without the “ick” factor. And like steffiej, I like to stick to a neutral palette for the core pieces to maximize the pairing options.

jacquelinep, I pack just like you do. Bikini for every day, plus a spare, 3pr flip flops, 4 pair heels, 3-4 skirts, 3 dresses, 5 pr shorts, about 10 assorted dressy/casual tops, don’t forget cute jammies, at least 2, in case you go to the bar early in the morning for coffee… (I did)… assorted hair decorations to co-ordinate with all swimsuits, assorted coverups for said swimsuits…

Did I wear all that? No, not even close! But I had options, and I like that. I DID wear every bikini, except for the spare. :smiley:

Thank you for all your replies and totally agree we live in our bathing suits during the day unless we are out on excursions. Even some of those require bathing suit. Ok so for sure I need to go get at least one more bathing suit. A girl can never have too many. The last time we were there we had a few cool days I want to be prepared and not have to wear the same things over and over. I had only brought one pair of pants and wish I had more. That is how cool it was.
I am hoping for warmer weather this time around. We have always been there in Feb and this time We are going March 27th. The nice part of packing for a sun vacation is our clothing tends to be smaller nothing bulky. I am sure I will have a few pieces that I won’t even wear.

Wow! That’s quite the list. It depends on where you are going and how you’ll spend your day. I pack one suit, two wraps, 2 capris, two shorts, one dress, and a few tops that will work with both capris and shorts. Undies can be washed. We use most of our checked luggage weight for donations (tarps, clothes, school supplies) so cut way back on the personal items. We do take books, reusable drink containers which we leave behind, lots of sunscreen and moisturiser, ditto for conditioner, sunglasses, contacts,and some medical supplies should WE need them. A hat is essential. I always take fabric softener sheets to put into musty drawers or closets. Re: high heels…I don’t own any, but would add caution, as I have seen several twisted ankles, a result of wobbly heels, uneven stones and steps. I’m a flip-flop / sandal person. That said, my own daughter probably would take several pair of killer heels! Enjoy your trip, and pack an extra smile.

Wear the same thing over and over. And learn to hand-rinse in the sink at night. Trust me, no one really cares what you are wearing!

I agree with other posters - way too many tops. Unless you don’t plan on going near the beach, add beach wear (swim suits) and remove other clothing. If you wear a t-shirt to breakfast and then don’t wear it again, I’m sure you can wear it to breakfast 3 mornings in a row and it will still barely be worn.

Capris are a great compromise for evenings. With a nice t-shirt/blouse, they are quite dressy, but take up little space.

I remember trying to wash an article of clothing the first time we went to Cuba and it took forever to dry actually it never fully dried. Must have been the humidity that year.
I am sure you are right after a few drinks no one notices what you wear only ourselves.
I am sure I will pack and unpack and repack a few times before our trip. Hey it is all part of the fun of going away. One suitcase is what I am trying to limit myself to oh and carry on of course.

I don’t have to worry about over packing …

I take all my bathing suits - 4 or 5
3 or 4 shirts
3 shorts
1 or 2 capri
1 sundress

That is all I have set out for 2 weeks. Maybe I better add some more. If there is room … lol it is all packed in my carry on.

Before I start, I will admit that I over pack! I don’t know what I’ll feel like wearing so I pack a lot for one week!
-7 bathing suit
-4 dresses
-8-10 tops
-4-5 skirts
-Running Shoes
-Workout clothes
-3 pair of flip lops
-3 pairs of heels
-2 cover-ups
-Beachbag, toilettries, etc…

Looking at this list I wonder how it all fits…but it always does!

What a great topic, not only have I contributed to this wonderful forum, but made my packing list too!!!

46 days to go…

3 bathing suits
beach cover up
1 pair lightweight dress pants
1 pair casual shorts
1 skirt
1 skort
3 dressy tops
2 casual tops
1 pair flip flops
1 pair casual sandals

The bottoms are all black, the tops are more colourful. That does 1 week nicely, and it all fits in a carry-on bag. We’re in our bathing suits all day long. I have a light sweater I wear on the plane, in case it’s cooler in the evening.