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For travellers who've had Hep A and/or B vaccines


If you’ve had Twinrix, the Hepatitis A/B combo series of injections, or the separate Hepatitis A and/or B vaccines, this may be of interest to you.

You may want to consider asking your physician for his/her opinion on whether it would be appropriate to do a titre to test your antibody levels (it’s a blood test).

I mention this because a friend had the series of three Twinrix vaccines two years ago. She recently had a physical and her doctor did a hep titre as part of her bloodwork. She only had antibodies for one of the two types of hepatitis so she requires re-vaccination.

According to her physician and the pharmaceutical company, this is quite unusual, but it does happen.

This in no way is meant to say you need to have hepatitis immunization for travelling to the DR. As mentioned many previous times on the boards, medical advice should be provided by a physician or health travel clinic and not by fellow posters.

I thought it may be worth mentioning the possibility of inquiring about a titre, as I doubt that most people are familiar with them (other than posters who are health care professionals).


I received the Hep B vaccines at work years ago…
when they did blookwork when I was pregnant, it never showed up…
I needed a “booster”…
Is this the same combo that they are giving now to Grade 7’s?
The baby that I was pregnant with then is now 12, and just got her injection 3 days ago!!


Thanks for sharing the info. Hubby and I had our Twinrex shots in 2004 and our daughters just got theirs last month. I will discuss this with my doctor on my next visit.


Meandfamily thanks for keeping us updated!

Will have to check it out next time at our docotrs!



[quote author=caroline2 board=general thread=1128654184 post=1128694786]Is this the same combo that they are giving now to Grade 7’s?
The baby that I was pregnant with then is now 12, and just got her injection 3 days ago!![/quote]
Kiddos in grade 7 get Hepatitis B only, I believe.


Good info amiga. Thanks for posting it :slight_smile:


Interesting…I hope I do no need a booster in the future…That is one ouch if you have ever had that needle…not to scare anybody!!!


Although it is not discussed openly,adults often need more than the recommended 3 Injections of Hep B vaccine. There are quite a few low-responders (means: persons that do show a much lower titer after the vaccination than expected or no titer at all). But the pros are not sure whether this means the person has protection or not. Since Hep B can be fatal, one won’t take the chance and usually some more shots are given.
The phenomenon of low-responding appears mostly to adults, I haven’t read about children concerning this.
Contact you health care pro and discuss it. I haven’t checked , but chances are the FDA or WHO has answers to this. Check their websites.
Safe travels