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Free time

We’ve had a look at the list of “tours” offered by the hotels and picked out a few. But we’d also like to eat off resort a few times and explore markets.

I remember someone saying earlier that there isn’t much for stores/markets in Varadero? Is there more options in Havana? Is there a main shopping district? Is there a review of restaurants in Varadero so we could pick one out ahead of time?

Rum/Cigar tours: are some tours better than others?

99 days and counting :smiley:

There are a lot restaurants to eat in, we like the Barbaquer(sp) right beside the Cuatro Palmas, there is Calle 62 across from Cautro Palmas were street dancing takes place, there is alot of markets to walk around and shop great way to spend the day, the big market is located at 15th avenue, Havana has lots to do too but remember its 2 hours away

Hi sinecure,
The staff have the best answers. Some will refer you to the tour operators; some to the taxis.
It all depends on where you are. In Varadero, there are lots of tours to Havana. The best are the overnights with the “Shows”.

Jibacoa have sweet taxi rides to Havana.

Once you decide where you will be going, ask again with the title "Best Tour Deals from ------- ------ ? Help"
You will get lots of help from Debbies’ people.