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Free Wedding Qualifications


To qualify for a “free wedding” at the Majestic it states you have to have 10 rooms booked. Does anyone know if they all have to be booked through the same Travel Agency and travel the same dates. We have someone flying a day early out of Buffalo and our group is flying out of Toronto.
Any help here would be appreciated, as we already have 9 rooms booked with our travel agent.


there is a thread in the wedding section where some people are talking about but iam not sure what hotel it is. email the hotel. but i do remember people complaining that the guest had to be paying regular price and not a group rate to get the free wedding



Thanks Michele, I’ll have a look.


I would chekc with your travel agent they will know for sure. My understanding is that you qualify for the free wedding when all the rooms are under the same booking, so I’m not sure. We have two people coming from Irealnd, and I don;t belive that their rooms count towards our minimum for the the free wedding at Ocean Sand (we have enough anyway).
Good Luck and let us know…I’m sure other people are wondering the same thing


The 10 rooms have to be book for what period of time? a whole week? can u please tell me? ???

just to let u all know, ocean has increased his price for free weedings: they were all free but how u have to pay 300usd for them. :frowning:

best regards :wink:


port - consider that being lucky!! Bahia Principe is charging us $1500 us for our upcoming wedding.


Well, it looks like all ten rooms need to be booked through the same travel agency to qualify.
On Majestic’s Web-site it shows you different wedding packages, but for some reason they have changed that and now only offer one. The charge is $1250 US. This hurts as we have 9 rooms booked through one travel agency. Anyone want to come to our wedding? LOL


Just to let any OCean Sand/Blue Brides that have already booked their weddings; I emailed Julissa yesterday and we DO NOT have to pay the $300 for the judge’s fees. I was a little worried! I know its only $300 but its still $300 more than would have been expected.


You need to speak to the hotel directly. The Melia for example, requires 5 rooms booked for 5 nights but the rooms have to be in a higher category than regular rooms, called Royal Service. Every hotel does something different so you need to just speak with them.