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Frustrated... but still looking!

Ok, we set our minds to go to Breezes PP…

I went to book the package (Air and Hotel all inclusive) and the Hotwire price (in just two days) has jumped up over $250 for the exact same package!!

I feel like I am starting all over again. We are on a limited budget and so want to go to the Dominican Republic, but not a price that puts us so far over our budget.

Does anyone have any ideas as far as negotiating a better price for Breezes? It seems that Continental or JetBlue airlines are the only ones that we can get (Flying out of Portland, Maine). Our dates are narrow as well, which I am sure doesn’t help. March 19-23…

I am at this forums mercy! ;D

Thanks to all the previous information (pro’s and con’s) from all!

Newcastle, ME

I can’t give you any advice but I can empathize, we are at the mercy of one airline too so the deals here on the rock are few and far between. Forgive my geography but how close are you to NY, NJ or MA? Perhaps you could save enough on the package to warrant the drive there?

I don’t know how much you want to pay but have you tried

gregd - have you considered another resort? Seems that is always the dilemma - once you decide on a resort, then have to limit your dates ;you are at the mercy of the travel providers.

We too have only one carrier that we can fly direct with to the resort we like. So…we make the decision and bite the bullet. However, if you can be flexible with time of travel, resort choice the options are much more wide open, and pricing more competitive. Good luck.

Since you are from Portland, not far from Quebec city or Halifax, have you thought about looking to the canadian travel agencies and fly from there, you may get something that suits your budget even with the flight to either city

I am from holland, and sometimes it is cheaper to book in Germany of Belgium.
Or i book a seperate flight with an airline that brings me to Puerto Plata and I book the hotel seperate with an agency or directly with the hotel, in this way I am not limited to a few agencies that have the airline and hotel in one package

www.Vacationmart.com is the answer!! Thank you soooooo much! They saved us over $400!

Newcastle, Maine

I’m glad to hear you chose the online travel agent as the way to book. I find that it’s the easiest way to shop for packages. One stop shopping and you get everything you want.

I agree with everyone else, take the insurance, it’s worth it, unless you have other travel insurance through work.

vacmart and vacationmart are two different websites

Yes, indeed they are. Sorry it was vacsmart.com

I didn’t realize they were two different sights… thank you for pointing that out. At any rate it was www.vacsmart.com (vacation smart travel)


Hi gregd,
Glad you got your deal.
Those folks from TO think Portland is an easy drive to Montreal or Halifax?
Having enjoyed Old Orchard a few times, staying in Waterville, overnight, on the way from New Brunswick, I would rather have a direct flight.
We lost our direct to Veradero this year and will enjoy DR because we don’t want to drive 90km to Saint John. We are a $15 cab ride to the airport and don’t want to park or clean snow when we get back.
Like you, we look at the major centers with envy because they have direct flights everywhere. But people drive 2 hours to get that direct flight. And pay to park.

Next year, if you want to travel through Freddie Beach…
Let me know and you can park in my driveway while you’re away.
I’ll even run you to the airport and back for the price of gas.