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Fun Holiday Beach Resort

Has anyone been to this hotel? Looking forward to my second visit to Jamaica.

Never been to that resort. Would be interested to know what people think of it as well.

I have been to this resort and we had a blast there. The bathrooms are a little weird as there is are only wooden slats in the windows and you can see people outside by the pool while you are using the facilities. You are able to go to their sister resort and use the pool etc… there. We did this one day and it was nice as well. Lots of action at this resort and everyone seems to be selling Ganja.

Watch out for Mr Jones the guard in the back parking lot. He likes to come onto the resort and try to intimidate guests and try to get money from them. He tried this with my 21 year old and I lost my mind and went right to the hotel security and demanded that they deal with this.

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The reviews are a mixed bag for sure. We bit the bullet and booked, the price was just too good to pass on and am really hoping that we are going to be part of the fan club. Really trying to go with an open mind, have learned a long time ago that you don’t always get what you pay for and sometimes the cheap deals end up being the best ever. Being honest too I don’t care much for 5 star hotels and all the “pretend” strutting that goes with it. Would rather spend time on the beach instead of getting ready for it…
Leaving in a few weeks, will post and be honest when I get back.

Have a great time and I look forward to reading what you think of the place.

If it’s not too much to ask, would you mind posting a picture of the room and also bathroom? I travel with a family member so washroom privacy is a big deal.


Yes I will do my best.

Sorry for not posting earlier. I did a review on TA so it will give you a general ideal about the place. I did not take pictures of the room but again they are pretty accurate on TA. The bathroom is separate and there is privacy, but overall the hotel is pretty old and could use a good overall and reno. Having said that the beach was absolute heaven for us and the hotel is so small that everything is a short jaunt to the Ocean. It kind of reminded me of Cuba at times the way the hotel is run, the big difference is when you speak up about something, they actually take action. We would return again, but only if the price was good. This is not a hotel to pay big bucks at. Keep in mind we were there during low season so it was like having the hotel and beach to ourselves which we absolutely loved. Neither of us could go there during high season, the hotel and area would just pulsate 24/7.

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Thanks for letting us know. Photos of the beach would be great :slight_smile: lest see it, post it here in this thread!



Amazing photos @sweetmystery Love the one with beach and guy riding a horse. Sunset one is lovely as well! Beach is beautiful. Looks like nice place to visit and no fighting for the beach chairs!

We would like to return perhaps in June or, September; most definitely low season. I do believe that hotel and area would be a zoo in high season. It is one hotel that you have to go to with low expectations and not expect the typical catering that you experience with a regular All Inclusive package. Hubby and I went with the intention to relax, recuperate and have that perfect beach holiday and that is exactly what we had.
We did not get hustled even when we walked the beach, but then again we don’t gush or, have that dumb, holiday look and most certainly don’t chat with strangers. I don’t know why people think that just because they are on a vacation in a tropical destination that they have to “chat” with any ole Tom, Dick or, Harry; like you don’t do it at home so why feel obligated just because you are on holiday. All it does is make you a target. If more people grunted and shrugged their shoulders when asked “How are you today”, then they would not come home and complain about being harassed so much.
Its your vacation, take control of it.