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Fun royale beach resort

this is for all readers of this site but mainly for bob.i just returned from the fun royale on feb.25.the chicken barbacue at the beach has been replaced with a new one.the chicken is super great there but that’s because it’s farm grown chicken used and not force fed chicken like we eat here in north america.the tractor has been fixed for the beach shuttle. there is a new toaster in the breakfast buffet.there was nothing boarded up in the buffet area like when you where there.there was 3 grilling stations going and the pasta station.everything at the fun tropicale was fantastic and can’t wait to go back again.anybody who has anything to say bad about this resort was either to drunk or on drugs to enjoy themselves or this resort.it’s a fantastic place to go on a holiday.i will be posting my review in the forums in a little bit.anyone who has any questions on the resort can ask away.

Gracias. That is great news. ;D
Is the 24 hour bar back at the quiet pool bar?

Great News…I go there every April and I was getting a bit worried because of all the comments about it being shut down.

Now the problem is to find how to get there . . .

All of a sudden, Signature Vacations isn’t going to Fun Royale anymore! I checked the prices last week and they were there - now you can’t find the hotel. I’ve checked other sites too and there is nothing on the hotel!

Right. I can’t find any listings out of the Maritimes (Charlottetown, Halifax or Saint John).
However, Sunwing is still listing Toronto departures for April.

bob,the 24 hour bar is still at the pizza joint. i do agree it would be better at the banana bar or closed until 2 am when the disco shuts down,but i still couldn’t complain as most resorts i’ve researched don’t have a 24 hour bar anyways.bob,as this was my first time i stayed here,i have nothing to compare it to as to how it was before,but it was just fantastic the way it is now. i was in b214 and the noise never bothered us at all. i cannot understand why anyone would have anything bad to say about this place. yes,there where people who complained when they where drunk out of their minds but when they were sobbered up,everything was great.

My friend was there last week and she had a great time . Didn’t hear her complain about 1 thing. We were at the Barcelo and we meat often on the playa and she was very satisfied of her accommodation as we were of ours.