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Fun Royale/Fun Tropicale


Does this hotel have key lock or card lock for the room door? Thanks.


According to the latest Feb 07 Reviews the FUN ROYAL FUN TROPICAL hotel is getting a BUM RAP over the food etc, its true no matter what hotel yoy reasearch, they all get BAD REVIEWS from time to time.


nicksmom; Key lock, one key for the room.

returner1234; Mine won’t say that. My only rap against the food is that I gained 10 lbs. 'nuff said …


Thanks Bob. I don’t pay alot of attention to the negative reviews. If it wasn’t a good place to go, there wouldn’t be repeat visitors such as yourself and many others. It’s all in a person’s attitude as far as I’m concerned. There are people everywhere that look for the negative side of things. I’m going to have fun and I’m not expecting 5 star when I’m paying the price I did. Thanks.


5 star it isn’t. But it’s not promoted as such either.
We saw a LOT of red armbands (repeaters) around. There was a lot of them at the repeater’s party as well.
It’s hard to tell with the vacation club people. They’re all pink armbands, regardless of their repeater status, but I know a lot of them are multi year repeaters as well.


My brother was there last April, had a great time…and also put on 10 lbs!

He wants to go back this year but is hoping prices drop a bit more. I may join him this year, since my wife can’t go due to work commitments. But the little darling has given me the “green light” to have fun!

Might have some questions for you Bob!


Fire away. I don’t have ALL the answers, but … :o


Hey Bob you sound like the expert on Fun Royale/Tropical property. My husband and I and our 14 year old are looking at this property for Dec.30 or Jan2 for 2 weeks . Is the mini golf still there and what rooms are the better ones, is there a balcony with all rooms and a coffee maker. We think staying in the Playa Dorado complexes will give us something to do, we stayed at Breezes last time. Thanks Brenda


The mini golf is still there but it is in rough shape.
Not all rooms have a balcony.
I like a corner unit with a large L-shaped balcony.
The ones on the second floor are great.
The “Royale” option rooms have a stocked fridge and coffee maker.
Some of the ROH rooms do have a fridge and I know it is possible to have a fridge delivered so perhaps they can deliver a coffee maker too.


That sounds about right.


Thanks for the info and the pics Brenda


Is there a gym at this resort?


Yes. It’s quite small.
There are some pics in my 2006 photo set at http://www.worldisround.com/articles/275557/index.html


Perfect. Thanks bob


Bob’s pictures say the laundromat is coin operated, is it US or DR and roughly how much? Thanks


Neither. You buy tokens at the tuck shop / gift shop just off the lobby.
I think its about 50 pesos for a token.
Amandalou uses the laundry facilities a lot. She can verify the price.
Amandalou ? ? ?


Do they also sell laundry soap or should I take some?


They sell it, but it wouldn’t hurt to take a small package of your own favorite brand.


Thanks for all the info


Sadly or happily I haven’t used the laundry here as I just send my laundry in to the Victoria laundry service,55pesos to wash my jeans and they come back the same day every time done better than I do myself… I’m on holiday, why work?

Ruth, you out there? I know you used the laundry at the fun’s this year and last year, can you help? I do feel it was payable in peso’s and that change was obtainable at reception but the actual cost I’m afraid (no I’m not ;D ) I have no idea.

Cheers Amandalou :-*