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Fun Royale/Fun Tropicale


Which is the best section to stay in .We are taking our 14 year old also, so it is 3 people.Also a room number too with a balcony Thanks Brenda


That’s a very difficult question to answer. I know four couples, all repeaters, who each have their own ‘favourites’. Funny thing is that they are all in different buildings with different views. So I’'ll try to give a general description, and then you can make your own decision based on what’s important to you. Bear in mind that there is a tremendous variety of room shapes; someone obviously went out of their way to avoid a long block of identical rooms all in a row.

First, I assume you are talking about the hotel room blocks. There are 4 blocks labeled A thru D.
A block is closest to the buffet dining area. It’s also closest to the theatre and the access to the main pool. B block is next. It is kind of offset from the main pool and theatre areas, but still close to them. It’s more in line with the volleyball and shuffleboard courts. The pool itself is behind these. Blocks C&D are further removed and more in line with the football field.
Odd numbered rooms face onto the activities area (pool, theatre, shuffleboard court etc) while the even numbered rooms overlook the parking lot, service road and the Victoria resort through the trees. These rooms tend to be quieter due to their position.
Also, the main hall from the restaurant and bars goes by the rooms, so the further away from them, the less traffic there will be.
A lot of the rooms on the upper floors are adjoining rooms. One room has a balcony and the other does not. The trade off here is that the room without the balcony is usually somewhat larger inside since the space is part of the room.

I hope this helps. If you want to go into more specific details, we can continue via PM or email.


Thanks for the info, we won’t be spending much time in our room anyway. We only need beds and a balcony as our 14 year old likes to sleep later than our 6am rising.You have been very helpful as have the others on this site. Thanks Brenda


fun tropicale i would think. If i were you though id stay in the dorado club. ive stayed there twice in the past 6 months and iim going again in October. Its brilliant. Its smaller and i think in smaller hotels you get better service and you meet people and stay close friends with them throughout the holiday because your more likely to pass them than in a bigger hotel.


I would avoid the rooms in building A facing the parking lot.
The buses and employees coming early in the morning are quite loud.
My favorite rooms are corner units on the 2nd floor.
They are quiet and more private with large a L-shaped balcony.


[quote author=malibook board=Poparea thread=1172492557 post=1172499244]I would avoid the rooms in building A facing the parking lot.
Funny. One of the favourites I referred to was one of those exact same rooms. They’ve had it at least 6 times …