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Fun Royale / Tropicale?


Hi all

We are looking at booking a one week vacation through Sell off Vacations and noticed that the Fun Royale is listed as “Fun Royale / Tropicale”. What is the difference between the two? Also, the rooms listed are - Royale and ROH. Any difference?? Any preference?

Thanks ;D


Years ago they were two separate hotels, then they were rolled together as one property under the All Inclusive formula. ROH means run of the hotel which means they can put you where they want.


Thanks Bob. Is is best to try for the Royale rooms. Are these the best rooms???


I stayed on the Royale side about 3 weeks ago and the room was fine but not fancy or anything. Friends that we met there that were on the Tropicale side said there rooms were fine also. I would stay at whichever side is cheaper as you probably won’t spend a whole lot of time in your room anyway. There’s a lot of activity at this resort to keep you busy. When my friends and I return again this April, we’ll probably do the ROH option as it is usually cheaper and we really don’t care which side we end up on - we just love this resort anyway.


Thanks. Do all rooms have the mini fridges??


No - you have to book Royale for that.


Ok, well then I guess Royale it is. LOL Thanks.


Some of the ROH rooms have a fridge but they are not stocked.
Plus you can ask them to bring you a fridge.
The Royale package costs anywhere between 0 to $100 more per person than the ROH package.
For this you get a fridge with 4 Bohemia, 2 cokes, 2 sprite and 4 water, plus coffee and tea.
They refill the fridge daily and probably more often if you need it.
Not really worth much more to me but last trip the packages were the same price so I went for the Royale. :slight_smile:


We just reurned from the fun royale yesterday. We loved it ,was very unsure before we left because of the price. Stayed at the royal side had a family of six and hardly used the fridge.
Will be coming back for sure!


Thanks Holidaytime. Much appreciated. ;D