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Fun Royale


Hello: can anyone tell me if the resort is on the beach…if not…is there a road between resort and beach…


Fun Royale is not on the beach. You can see where it is in the Playa Dorada on this map.



It’s about a five-minute stroll to the beach, or they have a trolley that goes back and forth.


…"grap a children’s plastic bucket and plastic orange(or red) sand scoop…, walk or take the trolley to the Playa Dorada beach and bring back some sand in your bucket…, put it out on your hotel room verandah floor or balcony…spread the beach towel out, grab a Margarita from your mini-fridge in your hotel room(Dont forget the little umbrella thingy!), add a bottle of SPS60 or higher sunscreen and your skin-so-soft AVON for snad fleas…shake the towel out- and VOILA-Your on the beach!!!

Have Fun



It’s a 6 minute leisurely stroll from the front gate to the beach club along the road beside the golf course. The beach club serves a very good lunch and adult liquid refreshment (water and pop too), so there’s no need to return to the hotel …