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Fun Royale



I was at the resort in 2002 and like it. Can get a really good deal but my friend isn’t sure because we were at Occidental Allegro last year is comparing it to that because it was his first time(bad trip broke my shoulder in 3 places 3 days into trip) but he still wants to go South . Need some tips for convicing. Help! This will be my 4th time in Dominican, 1 Cuba, 1 Mexico.



I am going there in a few hours for the 6th time, 4th in 7 months. ;D :sunglasses:


How to convince you hummmm, well Bob, moderator, goes there all the time. Is that enough to make you want to go :sunglasses:


I’ll be there for two weeks the first of May and I had dinner there in December. Nice mid-priced property with a great beach club.



We really liked Fun Royale. It’s a nice-sized resort. It’s not the newest/shiniest on the island, but clean and well-maintained. The staff were very friendly. We liked that it has two pools – a large activity pool and a smaller, more quiet adult-only pool. Although it’s not right on the beach, it is a short walk or there is a trolley that goes back and forth. We were there before the beach club opened, but from what Bob says, it’s fantastic.

Fun Royale is a great bargain. I would go back.


We were there 3 years ago and would return in a heartbeat. The only drawback is there’s no covered bar to sit and have a drink when it rains, and we had a bit of rain during our stay.



Why dont you send them a note to PLEASE PUT IN A COVERED BAR, sure they would appreciate the suggestion…maybe you can go ‘halfies’ on the total cost? hehheheheeh!!!


Tom, is the bar by the adult-only pool no longer covered? We sat out a couple of rainstorms there when we were down, also about 3 years ago.


Pat I was there in December and while it’s covered it wouldn’t take much wind to blow the rain under the edge of the roof and soak the patrons. If there were no wind at all it would be a great place to be stranded, close to the buffet, the quiet pool and a view of the golf course.



[quote author=ottawatom board=Poparea thread=1169343823 post=1169486319]We were there 3 years ago and would return in a heartbeat. The only drawback is there’s no covered bar to sit and have a drink when it rains, and we had a bit of rain during our stay.


The beach club is well covered…



Heading there for our 6th time next week.We love the place and I’ve sat on the lounger on the beach and had a drink in the rain.As Ron James would say " It’s a warm rain".
Food is great,rooms are clean and the staff friendly…what more could a person want.


We are going in two weeks fot the first time to Fun Royale, getting very nervous about this place, If this place is good, why is it so economical to go to?


It’s not on the beach. It’s a 5-10 minute stroll or short train ride. Makes a big difference to some people. :-/



Like Gregg said, it’s not much of a cover, and there are only about 5 stools if memory serves… :wink:



Just returned from this resort yesterday and we had an awesome time. My friend and I have both stayed at quite a few resorts in Puerto Plata (from 4.5 star down to 3 star). This resort was great. The rooms are a bit old and nothing fancy at all but the only time we spent in our room was to sleep and get ready, the food was pretty good (the pizza place was terrific), the pool is nice and big and has a swim-up bar, entertainment staff were great and there were plenty of activities to participate in. We didn’t hang out at the quiet pool at all as we loved being around the activity pool but the quiet pool looked very nice as well. I found this resort to be a lot of fun - and all the people we met from all over the place (Canada, USA, England, Germany, Holland) were enjoying it just as much as us. Would definitely stay at this resort again.


Has anyone experienced the bug problem they talk about on trip asvisor? someone just left a long review of their experience this christmas, not being on the beach doesnt bother me but being bitten 300 times would


We had a ton of mosquitoes at Caribbean Village but the evening we spent at Fun Royale was virtually mosquito free. There must be a difference in spraying as they are on the same water hazard from the golf course.



I believe its more of a mite or flea problem they are talking about. They said it happend as soon as they entered the room. I do believe they where on the Carribean side. Does it make a diffrence as far as quality goes? We are booked in the Royale side


I’m here right now. There is no real difference between the two sides. As for mosquitos and sand fleas. The weather is very good now, but there was a lot of rain in the previous weeks. The sand on the beach and the ground was damp and there was a ton of ‘no see-ums’. They seem worse between 6 pm and 8 pm, and they`generally get you from the knee down. And when I say ‘no see-ums’, I mean thay are so tiny that they look like a grain of sand.
By the way, the sheets are being changed daily and the place is super clean.


Thanks for the reply bob. How long are you staying? Glad to hear everything is so clean

seven more sleeps …yahoo