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Fun Royale


Was just wondering if anyone knows the difference in the room titles at the Fun Royale. While my son is trying to book there he finds 3 different room titles each with its own price. Room Run of the House, Royale, and the Tropicale. Thanks in advance


As best I can figure out, Royale is the upgraded rooms with stocked bar fridge, Tropicale isn’t and ROH (run of the house) means they can put you wherever they have space. I’m pretty sure Tropicale and ROH terms depend on the tour company you are booking through. Royale guarantees that your room is in the hotel section, Tropicale or ROH could be either hotel or villa section.

Additional information received from the hotel.
There is a difference between a Fun Royale room and the Royale option.
“But it is very important that client’s understand that Royale package is an option and not always included, even if Royale room is confirmed.”


I somehow knew and hoped that good ole faithfull Bob would come through for me. Thanks again Bob. This world doesn’t have enough BFC.