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FYI - tourist cards / AT and Nolitours


Effective October 1, 2006 Please note that for travel beginning on or after November 1, 2006, tourist cards will no longer be issued along with travel documents . For tickets issued as of October 1, 2006 on all departures to sun destinations starting November 1, tourist cards will now be distributed by the airlines onboard the aircraft

via email from above companies.


Do you know if the tourist card is still included or do we have to pay extra.

If it is extra, it will be interesting what they will do with people like me who paid for their trip a month ago.


AFAIK, it’s still included. Like everyone else, I expect they are going to eDocumentation, so there won’t be any paper tickets or hotel vouchers…


By Tourist Cards do you mean the DR Customs Forms or the blue tickets that let you in and out of the DR?


How soon do you think, BFC??


bryan - what’s a DR Customs Form. I mean the blue ticket and forms that replaced the old green form.

Lillybelle - Signature has already announced Nov 1, and my original post also said Nov 1 for AT and Nolitours. I expect similar dates from Sunquest and AT vacations as well …


Bob - This past Janauray we had to fill out the form with our arriving info etc (Blue form I guess) then we were also given by the Tour Operator the two $10.00 Tourists fee that they put in place last winter. I call the blue form teh DR Customs form (same as our E311 form for Canada).


Sunquest has been issuing eDocs since May 1, 2006. Tourist cards are picked up at the Sunquest counter at the airport.


Sorry BFC, I meant how soon for the edocs for AT/Nolitours??

Do you expect a Nov 1 date for edocs as well??

Just curious as we leave on Nov 9 with AT.

How good is your crystal ball hehehe…

Somewhat fuzzy. I just report what I’m told …


Not that it necessarily matters but the “blue” form is not a Customs Form (Aduana) but an Immigration Form (Migracion - see the top of the form). I “liberated” a pad of them for future use when I was in POP last month.

Migracion is where they check your documentation and take some documents and stamp others and Aduana is the metal desk you walk past and ignore as you exit the terminal. Boy what a useless job Aduana is when a load of pasty white tourists arrives. No body to extort or anything.



On our last trip, while passing that counter in POP, there was one guy who had two huge hockey bags that looked to be filled with cartons of cigarettes. The guy that was nailed was likely the only “non-pasty tourist” looking person on the whole flight. (Skyservice from YYZ) No idea of the outcome, but he looked to be in trouble judging from the half a dozen customs agents clustered around him.


I didn’t know they distribute them on the plane. Do all tour operators include it? Better than flying on a scheduled flight, then you have to wait in line to get one after you land!