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Gamboa with a little side trip


27 days

While at the Gamboa resort for 2 beautiful weeks, we’ll be making a little side trip to “Al Natural” for 2 nights / 3 days. See the following links:


… and among other beautiful creatures, these are real frogs we can find over there…

Can’t wait!!!


… surprised there’s no comments… ;D ::slight_smile: ;D


Okay I bit. :wink:

Took a look at the links. Looks very nice.

Do you actually fly there from Panama or drive?

How many days are you taking for the side trip?

Regarding those frogs - poisonous or not?



Bocas de Toros, Bastimentos Island, NW of Panama, Carribean side.

About 1 hour by bush plane.

Frogs are poisonous, they’re about 3/4 inch long and all over the place.

The hut (6 of them) you see is where we stay, it has 4 sides but only 3 walls. All 3 walls are facing the jungle the fourth side is totally opened and facing the ocean.


I wondered about the frogs, they reminded me of the ones that are found in Costa Rica.

Bocas de Toros sounds interesting. I had not scrolled down for further information. It should be some experience. That isn’t where you went last time was it?

How many days/nights are you going for?


2 weeks at the Gamboa, from Feb 5th to the 19th. The side trip is Feb 12 -13 -14th.

I believe the the 3 walls that do exist are 3/4 walls, and the fourth only has some sort of heavy curtain that you can tie down in case of rain… thats my understanding of the info I received.

As you can see there’s some netting on the bed to keep scorpions, spiders, iguanas out of your bed as much as possible.

There’s also a coral reef for snorkling just ouside your hut… ;D


Sounds pretty interesting.

I imagine you will be taking LOADS of pictures.

One question - I didn’t see it on the information, where do you eat? Is it included in the price?


There are 6 huts + 1 main hut. The main hut is built the same as the others except it has 3 floors (all opened concept), main floor is the kitchen / dining area, 2nd floor is a games room, 3rd is a look-out deck. All inclusive.

This sould be our hut, running water, private bathroom, 12 volt solar sytem



Your hut - Almost like being on Survivor. lol

Going to read up on it more. I think I had prior to our very first trip.

Don’t think I could talk my husband into it. (Never know though.)

I noticed there was more information through that magazine site, will check that out later. I have an appointment to get to in about fifteen minutes. Out of here.

Definitely will be looking for your review and pictures when you return.



Hi theponder

This looks like a very interesting place to check out :smiley:

I am however a little worried about the bugs ???..espically at night… :-/

How far in advance did you book this?


Booked about 2 months ago.

As for bugs, bring a lot of bugs spray and after-bite… ;D

More worried about the spiders, snakes, scorpions, reef sharks, hammerheads… what a beautiful trip this is going to be!!! ;D ;D ;D

We do have to remember to pull the sheets and check the bed before we go in…


Great Links!

I like the resort on the water idea (less pests),but always thought I’d have to go Tahiti/Fiji for that…

Maybe next time!


NecesitoSol: Off topic, but your vacation countdown says you are only 11 days until Panama. Are you flying out on a Sunday? We fly out on a Monday and that is 12 days away. Curious.




If you look at my first link of photos, you’ll see that the Gamboa is in the middle of the jungle also and you can actually see the ships crossing the Panama Canal. At this same link, you will also see that our side trip then, was to SanBlas (can you say… Gilligan’s Island? ;D?).

What an amazing 3 days that was…


We are on Monday’s flight, but we are 4 hrs from the airport so ;)vacation :wink: starts when we arrive in T.O. on Sunday!

I see you are a frequenter of this Resort…any tips/must sees?

Have you been to the Salt Flats?



Love the jungle, but this is my idea of a resort on the water



We also looked at this resort but way toooooo expensive!!! We also looked at Hacienda del mar, on Pearl island…


Still cheaper than Fiji/Tahiti… a girl can dream! Do you have a link for Hacienda del mar?