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Gas prices, Bavaro to Capial?

Hi all,

I am new to the site, my first thread so be kind.
I would like to know what the average cost in Gas would be from Bavaro to the Capital and back. The car in question has been converted and so is far more economical apparently.
A strange question you may think, but it is a genuine quiery as I have to work out fuel costs for a friend of mine who will be running between the two venues on a very regual basis over the next month or two.

I thank you for your help,

I don’t see that we can answer that question for you. We have no idea what kind of mileage the vehicle gets. However, someone can give you the ‘average’ price of gas, and you can use the fuel consumption and distance between the two points to calculate the value.

The car is just a small family runaround, will not have large consumption. I’m looking for a ballpark figure. I don’t know the route, distance, traffic likely to encounter or anything, I don’t even know the make of car but the engine won’t be bigger than a 1.6.

I’d suggest you pose that question on DR1.com, they have more forum members that actually live there than any other board I’ve gone to.


If you mean by “the car has been coverted” that it runs on Propane then the cost is about $2.50 USD a gallon. If you are running on gasoline the cost is about $4.75 USD