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Gbp el portillo - what rooms are best?


Hi! We leave in 3 days and are interested in hearing from those of you who have recently been at El Portillo. What room and/or villa would you recommend?

We have booked a double bed standard room. Are there villas and rooms to avoid?? If we are assigned a room/villa that you don’t recommend? Do you think that a $20 bill firmly placed in the hand of the front desk manager will do any good, or is that not required?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to our 1 week trip and want to make the best of it.


Hi Kasha

Another member “CHALET” has E-mailed me some pictures and they are wonderful - Every E-mail or Post that I have received has stated that the Jr Suites are by far the best rooms and they are the closest to the pool and beach.
Not sure if the bribe would work but it is definitely worth a try. lol
I’ll be arriving on Feb 11th (Sunday) so I might see you there. I’ll be the guy with the shaved head and looks like a biker. - ha ha. Plus there will be a noticeable path between my seat and the bar.

Have a great trip and hope to see you there

Jeff (Tharmaster)


Thanks Jeff. I don’t seem to be getting any more info on best rooms. Guesswe will just take what we get.

It will definitely beat-30C. 1.5 more sleeps.

I’ll keep my eye out for you on Feb 11th we should have the lay of the land by then.


We booked with Sunquest, had a standard room 18302 (villa 18, 3rd floor, room 02) with a King size bed. My only suggestion…get the third floor as it has a cathedral ceiling which makes the room seem bigger. Just remember you’ll be on the third floor and you have to do the stairs.

About the $20, hmmmm, we told the clerk at check in that we were there to celebrate our anniversary and that it was a special occasion, which we were, and if we could have a nice room por favor.

After check in we went to our room and were satisfied with our room we then returned with a tip. If you bribe the clerk in front of others at check in how does that make others behind you feel. Also, once they have your money there is no guarantee you’ll get anything extra. If you are not satisfied with your room go back and tell the front desk they will accommodate you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy


Sunosunosun: Thanks for the info. We know that the hotel is fully booked so chances of a room change are slim plus we have requested 2 double beds, 1 for our 7 year old and I hear that these rooms are in short supply.

I’ll save my $20 and use it only if we really need to change rooms. Your advice about a top floor room has been repeated by others.

Does anyone have the hotel’s e-mail address.

Thanks Again!


Gran Bahia Principe El Portillo
email: gerenterrppbpo@portillo.bahia-principe.com
Phone: + (809) 240 6100 Fax: + (809) 240 6104


I was at that resort for a week in January. My room was in Villa 1 which was very nice, we had no problems at all. The majority of the new villas are good, i don’t suggest any of the older ones or the “just built” ones because i knew some visitors who were placed in unfinnished rooms.
Hope you enjoy your trip, mine was unforgettable.



We are here and in Villa 1… it is the closest to the beach and the buffet and restaurants. From my room, I see the beach bar. Very nice.



We emailed the resort 2 weeks prior to trip. They answered and said they couldn’t promise anything. So we were suprised on our arrival to find they had granted our request for villa 1.



Great info everyone! Lots of helpful hints too. We leave on Sunday the 18th… CANNOT WAIT! Great idea to email the hotel to request a certain villa… I think I’ll do that!