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GBP samana email


??? Now that the resort is open, has anyone found a working email address to contact the Bahia Prinicipe people? The email address on the BP site (info@bahia-principe.com) is too generic to work, according to my ISP. Like the rest of you who have booked the GBP Samana, I would like some answers on what we can expect when we arrive. We have minimal faith in Transat Vacations being honest and open, in dealing with the delays abd service issues.


Hello Heatseeker,

I had e-mailed the Bahia chain a month ago trying to get more information of GBP Samana hotel using the info@bahia-prinicpe.com, and I did get a response. However, as the response didn’t answer any of my questons which were pretty direct, I deleted it. Too bad, the e-mail addy from the lady at Bahia would had been a boon for most people like yourself who would like an address less generic.


I have been corresponding via email as well - here’s the address (they responded Asistente ventas BCY


Her name:

Mary Eugenia Flores.-
Asistente de Ventas
Sales Manager Assistant
Gran Bahia Principe Cayacoa

Hope this helps !