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General flower question


Hey everyone!!
So i am looking to have nice local, tropical flowers for my wedding bouquet … funny thing is i dont know what that would be!!!
Does anyone know what a nice local, tropical flower would be??? any suggestions would be great!


Elayne, I have a bunch of pictures of flowers in my Webshots album. If you’d rather, you can send me a note and I’ll try to pull my flower pictures out of my collection to show you a sampling. Most of them are as yet unnamed by me, but you can maybe do a quick Google search or describe one that you like to the hotel staff. Hibiscus and orchids and bougainvillea are very traditional. My friend had baby’s breath in her hair for her DR wedding.



Elayne, where are you getting married? my WC sent me a few pictures of some of the types of options for bouquets I can get when i get there, and i’ve seen others. they are amazing…you can get lilies, and gerbers though to iff that’s what you want


My bouquet was longstem white cala lillis and tropical peach roses. Stems were kept long and tied with a white large lace bow and green foilage. They were stunning



Julissa emailed me and said that if I brought a pic of the flowers I wanted they could do pretty much anything. I would Google dominican flowers, get a pic of what you like and bring it with you. Then there won’t be any confusion as to the names and stuff.
All I know is that I do not want any babiesbreath in my bouquet or on the corsages or boutoniers! I need to find out how to say no babies breath in Spanish!!!


Hey everyone
thanx for the tips!! i am hoping for something tropical and pretty!! any ideas pass it my way!!!
i agree treen … i dont want babys breathe eaither!! i want local beautiful flowers hahaha