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General St. Lucia Questions!


This website is the real deal. Everyone was so helpful when we were planning a trip to DR a few years ago.

We are going to St. Lucia in June, to a new resort Coconut Bay & Spa. It’s located on the site of the old Club Med and will be opening at the end of this month. I hope to read some reviews once it is opened.

Anyway, my general questions are:
Is US currency accepted? ATM’s readily available?
What do you think about renting a car?
What trips do you recommend? What souveniers do you recommend?
Also, I’m trying to find out more about the beach. So many people have said that St. Lucia is the most beautiful island they’ve ever been to, and at the same time they say that the beaches aren’t that nice. So what makes St.Lucia beautiful? What’s wrong with the beaches?



We just got back from St. Lucia - stayed at the Sandals Regency. I will write my review and post it.
St. Lucia we feel is the most beautiful island we have seen to date. It is lush and beautiful. Lots of mountains, bays, fabulous friendly locals. It is a little heaven on earth. The beach at the Regency is brown sand but still a nice beach. The sand at the Sandals Grande is white sand - a nice beach too. I can’t comment on other hotel’s beaches. The water is turquoise and bath tub warm.
You can rent a car, be advised they drive on the opposite side of the road, opposite side of the car and they like to drive quickly. I don’t need that kind of challenge on my holidays but kuddos to you if you do this.
American cash is accepted and there are ATM’s in the bigger towns/cities. There was a Bank of St. Lucia, a Scotia bank and a Royal Bank of Canada that we saw.
We did a tour of the island with a gentleman named Yason. Very informative and reasonable. We went to Marigot Bay, Souffriere, The Pitons, Anse Le Raye, The Botanical Gardens and waterfalls and the Drive In volcano in a 6 hour tour. Great day out and you see a lot of St. Lucia. We drove through part of the rain forest as well.
We snorkelled twice and saw lots of interesting fish.
You can do lots of side trips or nothing at all. There are shopping trips, jungle tours and catamarans to the island of Martinique plus lots more to see and do.
We did a semi submerged submarine tour which was really neat.
Enjoy your vacation - you will have a wonderful time - you are choosing St. Lucia.


Hi. Travelone I whole hearttedly agree with islandgirl St. Lucia is a step above the others.The beaches are much like the beach in Puerta Plata and Sossa not like the long white beach of Punta Cana .The DR beaches are not that different except the Punta Cana beach, one of the ten best beaches in the world according to a travel magazine I was reading .I love the beach but would not go back but I sure would go back to St. Lucia .Go and enjoy.


I returned Feb 21st from the Regency. What makes St. Lucia beautiful… it’s green, it’s beautiful, its’ different than any other island that I’ve been to! Our stay there was one of our best ever holidays!


Hello - we are going to Sandals Regency on the 30th of April. I see where you said US Currency is accepted, but what about travelers checks? Is all change returned to you in EC? How about the electrical, do we need to bring an adapter?


Hi. All I say was American money being used the whole time we were there.When ever we have a question when going to a Sandals we either have our travel agent call the Sandals for us or we email or call ourselves.They both work.Now after saying that I do not use travelers checks for this very reason never sure what currency the country will use, so can not answer, except I did see a man ask and get American dollars for his travelers checks .To be sure I would call. About the electrial adapter yes you need one.Their power was 220 not 110 .St.Lucia is a beautiful island a step above the rest and the Regency a very nice resort .We have stayed at the Grand and the Regency .For us the Regency was the one we liked the best. Great food, service and golf but be sure to visit all three they are all great. I hope this helps in some way .Go and enjoy.


I will be staying at the Coconut bay resort in November. Has anybody heard of any negatives on this property? Also I drink Non-alcohol beer, can I buy this at a store? I know it is available in Barbados.