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Generally Speaking Buffet Shorts Permitted Evening



Planning a trip for next spring and starting to read about resorts in Punta Cana requiring collared shirts and dress shorts for men in the buffets (assume evening only) and now wonder if this is generally true for all of Punta Cana. We like to think of the buffet as generally laid back, not tube top relaxed but t-shirt relaxed.

Can anyone offer their experiences/advice? The only I was looking at was BP Ambar and it was sounding good but now think it might be too fancy for us. IB was another we were thinking about, maybe this one is more to our preference?


I would say that shorts at the buffet would be perfectly fine, I have also seen guys in T-shirts, however for the most part, most men wear a collared golf shirt or something of that type.

As far as the GBP Ambar, you would love it there. It is not all that fancy, but it is a very nice resort. We have just booked our 3rd vacation back at the Ambar, and we are looking forward to returning. Just my two cents.



Thanks for the reassurance. GBP Ambar definitely looks beautiful.

Stayed at BP Tulum in Mexico a few years back and really enjoyed it so at least have some expectations. That said I still realize everything is different in another country.


At the Ambar, you can wear shorts and a t shirt for the buffets. Men just have to have sleeves, no tank tops allowed.


Iberostar Bavaro is fine for dress shorts in the buffet in the evening, tshirt on top works OK too, however, most are in golf/sport shirt. There are many who push the envelope and look really casual and have not seen anyone sent back to change. All specialty restaurants require long pants for men.