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Gentlemen, I need your help


I was thinking of what to wear in the way of a bathing suit,a thong or the traditional bathing suit. What is the color this year for us men? Where would be the cheapest place to buy this product? ;D ;D


I’ve seen a picture of a lime green thong on this forum that was very becoming and…very slimming… :o


I found a couple good websites just by googling “mens swimwear.” Mostly the traditional clothing retailers but there was one specialty company that had a suit which turned see-through when wet. :o My wife wouldn’t let me get it.

I don’t know what this year’s color is but lime green sounds good to me.


Please don’t embarass us Canadians… We don’t want to see the outline of any wee wees :D! Men’s bathing suits are most appealing when they come down mid thigh. Any colour is good… Maybe try a tropical print; fun, youthful.

I recall two years ago when my family and I were in DR vacationing, my daughter (11 yrs old) pointed out that “something” was sticking out of a man’s speedo… Yah, we had a good laugh. He had stuffed his bathing suit with a plastic white bag!


If your going to the majestic colonial between February 10th and 24th do NOT get a thong…if not do whatever you please :slight_smile:

PS…I think hot pink is very manly


I was thinking Hot Pink or an Animal Print.

If you are going for the thong, just make sure you wax before going! ;D


Stillgotit,thats to funny,If you got the nerve to wear a thong,your more man than I will ever be.But hey why not .I’ve been known to wear things that just don’t belong on me.I say save your money and make one. Im sure you have some old shirt or something that can be turned into a fashion statement.Lets face it your not talking alot of material here.Anyways good luck and don’t forget to take a picture. :smiley:


Yes…but the real question is …
what bathing suit is appropriate for the a la cartes!! :wink:


None of the above! :o :o :o :o :o :o


We are a group of 14 leaving arriving on February 10th.

I will make sure all the men bring the speedos.


I almost spit out my coffee when I saw this thread.
I could not resist in HAVING to add mi dos pesos, so here goes.
I found the this beautiful one piece on line that I think will look marvelous.

PM me and I will send you the website where I found it.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hasta luego

Joe…AKA “he of the lime green thong in the thongy thing photo shoot”. :o :o :o :o :o


I prefer the red speedo and leather belly pack to keeps you smokes in look :smiley:


I hear Scotch Tartan is all the rage…


Joe where in the world did you get my picture? ;D ;D Leather ummmmm ;D ;D


Stillgotit, Wear what you feel like wearing, as long as you feel comfortable. By the way I hate competition… ;D ;D ;D

Joe, who are those 3 hunks in the second photo??? ;D


just remember…if you wear a thong…and no one can tell you’re wearing a thong…then you shouldn’t be wearing a thong…think about it… ;D


I love that story!


the if you can’t see the thong thing goes for women too----if you can tuck other things into the waist band of your speedo ladies it might be time for a one piecer!!!

Guys I hear that the australian rowing suit is all the rage----don’t know what it is—smaller than the lime green thong—more like a hot doge bun on a string!!! :o

I myself will stick with my surf length suits and keep them all guessing—hehehehehe :wink: