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Getting Excited First 2 Week Trip

We finally booked for the end of March. Waiting was killing me this year. Hearing everyones wonderful stories of their trips. My hubby is spoiling me this year with a two week trip.

Do you find you have to pack that much more for two weeks? I was just planning on washing things out. Then I thought I would ask. What does everyone else do?

Whether I travel for 2 weeks or 2 months my luggage is the very same size.

Congrats on the 2 week vacation!! I pack too much it seems as I’ve always got clothes left over
that are never worn. So it appears I’m all set for at least a 2 week vacation, without having to add more to the suitcase :slight_smile:

Yeah that is where I am in trouble as I pack the bare minimum. I have too much other stuff to take.
Whether I have to wash clothes or not it will work out.

We almost always do two weeks. I would say you need about the same amount of clothing (maybe throw in a couple extra shirts), but DOUBLE THE SUN BLOCK!!

It always seems like we have enough clothes at the end of 1 week that we could have stayed for 2 weeks, and we think we pack lightly(ish). I have always tried to pack by the old rule of lay everything out and then take 1/2 away. But you never know when you might need that extra T-shirt or shorts!! We still manage to arrive home with 1 suitcase full of the clothes we took and 1 empty case from all the things we left or delivered.

One week, two weeks, a month…Everything washes.

That is what I am thinking as well. Now I just have to remember to pack a bit of soap … ahh if I forget a bit of bar soap will do the trick …

Trouble is the clothes don’t dry completely in the humidity, I’ve found, particularly if you hang them in your bathroom. Its better if you can string a line on a balcony to catch a breeze at night but they are usually still damp by morning unless you can leave them in the sun all day too. That’s why I take 5 or more bathing suits because I don’t like putting on damp clothes. A two week vacation means more underware but they don’t take up much room. Mix and match tops and bottoms give you a constant change of outfits.

I always find if I pack at the last minute I take less.If I pack the week before I end up with far more as I keep popping more stuff in cos I might need it ! Is that a woman thing ?
You will have a fab time, Wish I was going back.

I have sent maybe anything denim to the laundry service with the hotel. Really cheap maybe a cuc pesos or so. Denim shorts do not dry well even in the sun. Others like underwear just out on the balcony. Does the trick. Yes we did use bars of soap for this.

Thanks everyone … I appreciate all the help