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Getting half dominican/english child back to UK?

Hi there, my god-daughter is half Dominican and half English, born in the DR two years ago. We would really like to get her back to the UK but don’t know quite where to start. she does not have any passport at present and the DR one requires oodles of paperwork, a new birth certificate issued for passport purposes and lots of money, we are looking if a UK passport can be obtained but not sure if possible as she has never lived here.

1 Any idea’s on cost and time scale for DR passport for a child?
2 Is it possible to get UK passport for half Dominican child who has never lived in UK
3 If we get either/both of these do airlines allow 2year olds to travel alone or do we need to go get her if her mum cannot get flight at the same time?

Thanks for any advice.

Cheers Amandalou ???

Amanda. I do have some knowledge here. Of course mine pertains to the US but I am sure it is simlilar. Tell me a couple of things…Is the father a UK citizen? If so would he help? If he could get a "consular report of birth abroad’ the child would become a UK citizen on the spot.

Now, if he is not on the Birth Certificate the chance of getting the consular report would be nil without a DNA test.

Having a DR passport does not mean they can simply fly out. Dominicans can only freely fly to a few select countries, mostly 3rd world, with a passport. To fly to the UK, US, Canada etc is a long drawn out process.

It is very seldom a tourist visa is ever given out and the fact that the mother would not be going with my guess is the chances are in the 0% range.

Plan on MANY thousands of dollars and probably years unless something is drastically different with the UK, but I doubt it.


I would think if one parent is British then she would be entitled to get a British passport…which parent is from Britian?

Keep us update on how all this works out for her.

But, The British parent would have to prove that it was his/her child and that will be a long drawn out expensive undertaking.

British parent is the Mother who still lives in DR with said child, father also near by but no longer living with them. Dominican birth cert held but now told need differeny birth cert to apply for passport and this one is only valid for a short time, oh the joys of long distance problems!!

In that case it shouldn’t be that hard. The child should be able to get British citizenship by getting a consular report of birth abroad. The child is a British citizen but they will have to prove it, possibly DNA. Then to take her out of the country she will need a ‘poder’ which simply is the father allowing her to leave with the child.

Once she is proven to be a British citizen it will be easy to get the British passport. Basically the same way you got your passport. My daughter had a Dominican passport but that does not help in getting someone out of the D.R. As I said before a Dominican with a passport can only fly to a few different countries without a visa. Check with the British consulate in the D.R.

Thanks for all help, still ongoing problem, my next holiday is hopefully in October so will most likely spend some time at the British Consulate :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick update, still ongoing scenario but UK Passport Office are looking into allowing a UK Passport but some of the things they have asked for… four different proofs of address, easy in UK and Canada and US but in DR, no rental agreement (just verbal agrement), no electric bill (included in rent), no gas bill (take bottle to station and refill when needed), not registered with a specific Doctor (go to hospital and be treated), no Driving License… see the problem. We did scape a few bits together so fingers crossed we get something sorted soon!!

Cheers Amandalou

Well here is the latest update… The British Passport Agency took my money in September and I and the childs mother have had varied letters and calls to them, just before I came away to visit in DR I was told that the mother would need an interview. On my last Friday mother gets a phone call from Jamaica (don’t ask I have no idea why) telling her she has an interview in Santo Domingo on Monday!! So Monday at 5.00am we all get up, me,her,child and Dominican friend, taxi to Metro bus station, Coach to SD, taxi to British Embassy. Why are you here was the first question!!! Finally they take her into a private room, no-one else allowed in where she then has a telephone interview with a different person in Jamaica! Why this telephone interview could not have taken place in the British Consulate in PP I have yet to ask, then taxi,coach and taxi back home. On both journeys the little girl (now 4 years old) was travel sick, not fun in a three and a half hour journey! Overall cost for the day $22,500 pesos, this passport had better be gold plated when it arrives!!!

I will keep you all informed of the next thrilling stages as they happen, sure you are all waiting now.

Cheers Amandalou

FANFARE!! Well our dreams came true and my god-daughter and her mum finally got passports sorted and after a lot of messing around are now in the UK and very happy! Thanks to all for help and encouragement, it was a bit of a drawn out process but all sorted now!!

P E R F E C T !

What a great Christmas present. :slight_smile:

Great news Amandalou!!!


Have a great Holiday Season!