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Gift Bag Ideas


I’m going on my first DR vacation with my family this spring. We’re staying at the Lifestyle Crown Villas in Puerto Plata, and we’re all very excited about the trip.

For Christmas I’m planning on making everybody little DR giftbags filled with fun/useful vacation items. I’ve looked at the packing list in the FAQ forum and it gave me some ideas, but I want to include some fun/creative items as well. Sunscreen and rain ponchos are fine, but I was hoping some of you who have been to the DR might be able to think of more exciting things to include.

Any ideas?

p.s. This forum is extremely informative and helpful. Thanks to all of you who post here!


Me, I’d go to the dollar store and get some cheap games (darts, playing cards, puzzles …)
I got a real nice magnetic dart game there last week for one of those inevitable rainy days.


How about …

. A nice journal (something better than just a dollar store notebook – maybe with a matching pen)

. An underwater disposable camera

. A photo album

. A plain t-shirt and fabric paint for each person and you could design a family shirt with a Caribbean theme

. Manicure and/or pedicure gift certificate for adult females in the group


All good ideas!
I’m not so sure I’d want to take a decent jounrnal to the beach, but if you’re careful …


How about CD’s to listen to on the plane or beach!
Fun things like flip-flops, sarongs???


I had the same idea for Christmas, as well - we’re going in April for a friends wedding, so we’re giving everyone cheap colourful flip-flops (for the bride and groom, flip-flops that have ‘just married’ on them), as well as a cheap underwater camera ($15.99 at Wal-Mart), a dollar-store journal and pen, and a cheap beach towel all in a colurful beach bag from the Sears outlet store (REALLY good deals on lots of “summer” clothes/items right now!). I wouldn’t worry too much about games and the like (unless you really like playing them), because even on rainy days in the DR you can find something to do on or off resort!


I picked up some mini-photo albums, as well as journasls for the girls. Floaties, snorkelling (really cheap dollar store stuff). Toe rings, sunscreen, Spritz hair conditioner, hair elastics, kazoos!


I like them all, with the possible exception of the kazoos! ::slight_smile:
Noise pollution and all that!


Thanks for all the good ideas! Keep 'em coming if you’ve got more.