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Gifts for guests?



Is/has anyone gotten married in DR and done gift baskets for their guests coming? We are confirmed for a wedding in June 07 and would like to set up gift baskets for all of our guests flying down. I would ideally like to ship the items to the resort prior to flying down and making up all the baskets and having the resort put them in each of the rooms or give them to the guests upon checkin…is this possible? Any advice is welcome!!



I have heard many poeple say that the last thing you want to do is ship anything there and there is a high risk it might not arrive. The mail system is not that reliable. Alot of people who are getting married south will give out the gifts before departing - especially given the weight restriction for luggage. Something to consider! :sunglasses:


iam getting married april 3rd 2007. iam going to the local markets and getting dominican gifts people would probaly buy to bring home. Iam buying a bag of coffee, a container of real homemade vanilla (its amazing), cinnimon sticks, and some domincan fudge (can’t remember the name). i will bring ribbon and tags i made at home (i made them to look like small luggage tags with name of us, date, and location. I will also put in a ziploc bag so that the guest can put the vanilla in a ziploc bag so it doesn’t spill on the way home.

it will be alot cheaper and practical then shipping (which as a 90% chance at not showing up) and iam going to get the hotel to either put it on the wedding table or get them to put it in the guests room while we are at the wedding and when they go to bed they will see the nice surpisE!!!



You can ship, but not regular mail. However, I strongly suggest bringing things with you. My husband and I flew with my parents, and 2 friends. I had photo albums, disposable cameras, bags and tissue paper to put them in as the welcome gifts that were delivered to everyones’ rooms on the first day, then I also brought seashell bottle openers and glass coasters that came in sets of 4 which were the gifts I gave out at the reception. I brought all of this for 60 guests, I was able to pack stuff into checked luggage, and take some as carry-on as well as my mom dad and friend each carried-on a box of glass coasters. You should have no problem bringing your stuff even if you have to distribute it so that other people bring it as carryon with them. The regular mail isn’t trustworthy, but DHL and FedEx, things like that are insured but like I said, you should easily be able to bring everything. these are the photo albums, coasters and openers I brought:





here they go:


[quote author=queenhelly board=wedding thread=1166380669 post=1166412787]here they go:


Those are absolutely lovely!!!


HI there,

I went to LL Bean and ordered the mini totes bags with their intials monogramed on the bags, for everyone. 1 per couple or if they were on their own they got their own tote bag. I then put a thermo mug, snacks, hand sanitizer and a few other little things for the trip. I did give them out before we left. We stayed over in TO the night before we left so I gave them out at the hotel…Everyone loved the mini totes and the ladies carried all the beach stuff during the day, sometimes the guys and then they used them at night as little purses. Great to carry cameras and stuff. Now I am using mine for my lunch for work. Just some ideas. Have a great wedding!


We had some really cute t-shirts made up for each person, we also made up some bookmarks, photo albums, bubbles, some other little things. We are going to pick up a small bottle of rum and vanilla for each room also.

Tan ;D


the only thing about the rum gift is that the resort will probably already have one in the room as a gift. This is definitely true of the Melia. They leave a basket in every room with two small bottles of brugal brand rum and I’m sure almost every other resort does so as well.


Thanks everyone! Your ideas are great! I will definitely check out the local markets and scour around here in the US for things. Any suggestions on where to go to get local items? We are staying at Paradisus Palma Real.



Im in the promotional products business so for me getting gifts is easy. I’m personalizing 30 Travel Mugs, nice stainless steel ones with a wedding logo I created, and am bringing those - handing them out at the airport or at the resort. You can personalize the mugs as well, but extra cost is required.

Just a thought, good luck.

I’ve deleted the commercial solicitation part of your post since it’s not allowed on these forums. Please refrain from this in the future.


Hi there

We are heading down too in April 2007. We have heard that you can buy really good local goodies like cookies, homemade fudge, cigars, vanilla, coffee and other snacks for really cheap. As for adding anything else, like baskets or coasters or fans, I don’t know. Maybe you can just bring a couple of really nice things from home and buy the rest down there ? I’m sure almost all your guests will be bringing their own hats, sunglasses and sunscreen…so the basket is more just to say thanks and maybe for some midnight snacking.


Thanks for the great ideas - I guess I will be doing some shopping when I get down there! Good thing we will get there Friday and the wedding isn’t until Monday!! :slight_smile:


Hey you guys have such great idea’s, I was too slow on getting something like that. so future hubby is a photography nut and has bought a ton of new equipments. We have decided to take tons of photos of the whole week and all exscursions and when we get home to make each person a holiday dvd. With our picture printed on the dvd. A little memory of our wedding and of their trip.


We are doing the DVD thing too. My brother is a wiz with stuff like that. He’s going to take all the videos that people take and pics and make a DVD with music and stuff. We are going to give those out to everyone at our reception here at home as a keepsake for those who attended as well as for those who couldn’t be there with us.
We are also going to go to the market when we get down there and look for some cool stuff to give out. I didn’t want to pack too much stuff to bring down there. We are also doing some cute photo albums as well as small sun block, lotion and lip balm.


Hey Panda4269 when in June is your wedding ours in June 28th


Hi there,
I got travel mugs from Discountmugs with a logo I created to hand to my 34 guests, which we’ll hand out at the airport. Then for the reception, we’re handing out the same photo albums as queenhelly. Got ours from americanbridal.
The local items is a great idea. We might do that as a little extra during the week and send them to our guests rooms.


That discount mugs company seems to very popular. We are ordering the insulated stainless steel mugs with our names and date on them. We are also thinking of embroidered towels as well, but those are getting pricey. I also saw these mint tins that have your info on them and a beach scene. We aren’t even flying out on the same plane as our guests (long frustrating story) so will have to give them out about a week prior or try to take them in our luggage…so many choices, not enough luggage allowance ;D


discountmugs has some great ideas! we were going to go to the market and get shotglasses that say punta cana or something, but I went on discountmugs and we can make our own for really cheap! we were going to fill the shot glasses with m&ms that you can personalize. If we get the shotglasses from disocount mugs we can order enough for our reception at home too!
thanks mentioning the site


You’re welcome guys! Happy to share ideas. Especially when it comes to saving extra bucks!
Discountmugs is great…even with the currency exchange. Didn’t find any cheaper places in Canada…and trust me, I looked! We got our mugs within 2 weeks. They look awesome! Can’t wait to hand them out!