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i have read on several places about people bringing gifts for the maid or for school children we would like to take some things with us any ideas?

the best is go to dollar store. Pencils, stickers, nail polish, hair barrettes, ball caps or bandanas…small things you can pack…

who do you normally give those things to once you are there?

Not everyone would know who or how to get it to the children…

My co-worker just got back and went on one of the excursions. They brought some school supplies witht them. she said the staff at the hotel are in dire need as well. The lady handing out towels asked her if she had an extra hairbrush…she felt so bad as she could have picked up a handful at the dollar store…so I would say maids and gardeners etc. Also, you can check with your tour company to see if you can give them some stuff to bring on a tour if you do not do any excursions!

When in doubt … contact “PCmike” or " Mikefisher ".
They will steer you in the right direction.

Hi Misty25 and thank you for thinking about others.
Click “Search” at the top of the page and type “Gifts” to get all the answers in this category.

Many will say cash works best. Others prefer to work the Dollar Stores all year; still others are bringing stuff for the kids through our friends at “Beyond the Beach”

Contact Mikefisher or hlywud for details or email:
for contacts who will pick up at your resort.
Happy Travels,
the Spunk

School supplies are definitely always good to bring, I always try to divide up what I bring ie I like to donate to one of the etablished foundations, to the church as well as staff members at the resorts. I start collecting items as soon as I get back for one trip. I’m so excited about this I have to tell you, I found a whole series (4) of childrens books in Spanish I can’t wait to bring them.

YOu can also look on our homepage here… under helping the children of the DR… Beyond The Beaches Children Foundation does really good work!
They met me at my hotel 2 weeks ago to pick up twp boxes of donations!!

thanks all for your help i now have an idea of what to get its our first trip to dr and i cant wait
but would also like to help by bringing some small gifts with me.

Hi Misty25
e just returned from our second PC trip. We had a few bags of donations for a local school located in what’s known as the Barrio, very poor neighbouhood. We were fortnate ot have had the opportunity to personally deliver to the school, through someone who lives there.

We I asked what other school supplies were “really” needed, note and work books as well as construction paper was the answer. Try and send a PM to either Punta Cana Mike or Mike fFsher. Both are heavily involved with picking up nd distributing those much needed donations. I am sure that they will make the arrangments to pickup your donations directly form your resort or at ameeting point, such as Steve’s Corner bar.

Any donations for either the schools or the orphoanages are so very appreciated. Thank you on the behalf of the kids, it was a very humbling experience to meet them all.