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Ginger ale


We are going to Melia cayo Guillermo in Apr.Been there before and loved it.Just wondering if any one has ever found ginger ale in Cuba,I don’t remember.


Come to think of it, I’ve only seen Canada Dry ginger ale in Cuba and haven’t been to the Coco’s but I’ve seen some ginger beer elsewhere. Maybe you should take some with you. :wink:
Same with Clamato and Heinz ketchup, by the way.
The Ciego Montero Limon (7Up) is really good. :sunglasses:


No Ginger Ale in all of Cuba. :’( :’(
We always pack several bottles of Canada Dry Ginger Ale in our luggage. :smiley: :slight_smile: ;D

Wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed Freezer bags. Never had any bottles leak. so ya! I say, why not bring some to add to your favorite rum and ice ;D


Spunky, I have heard that the rum trees are severely overgrown.
Enjoy the paradise !


It’s a tough job … Thanks VCC.


I have never found ginger ale. What I did happily find though was a variation on Clamato juice. Taught the bartenders at the resorts to make caesars and pretty soon all the little plastic cups scattered around the place contained the remnants of red drinks. You’d think that with all the Canadians and access to clamato juice, caesars would be on the drink menus of all the resorts.


Called Caesar Pleaser, there have been posts and reports here about the very reliable suppliers on line who have best prices and free shipping on small case lots
Here’s one of them:


Nope - no ginger ale. I agree with Spunky - the Limon is pretty good. (He calls it 7UP; at the Marea del Portillo they call it “Sprite”) :slight_smile:


Never seen a drink even close to ginger ale. Better bring a few.


Anyone see Materva in Cuba? Was traditional favourite before the revolution and is popular in Miami in the Cuban Community. Made from yerba mate and tastes like ginger.


I was desparately looking for ginger ale a couple of weeks ago at the Playa Alameda for an upset stomach. No such luck! Settled for a combination of agua con gas, infusion de menta y bitters. Doesn’t help you at all in re finding ginger ale, but I felt better. I’ve never seen ginger ale in Cuba.


A tip I learned from a bar tender on a cruise, years ago, for an upset stomach (for me motion sickness :P), a couple of ounces of creme de menthe (mente in Cuba) should do the trick. It works for me much better than ginger ale.
Just curious why ginger ale wouldn’t be commonly available in Cuba as it’s a basic pop ???