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Go Travel Direct Punta Cana Wildcard?

Has anyone ever booked this out of Halifax? It says on their website you’re guaranteed a 4* resort so it seems like a decent deal. Does anyone know what resorts this company might be affiliated with? I’d hate to book it and end up somewhere crappy. Thanks in advance!


There’s another thread on the same topic in Questions.

My guess with be “The Club at Grand Paradise”

from the local ratings there is no resort in PC with less than 4 stars.
so to make such a wildcard a good deal would mean it should be cheaper than the cheapest hotel booking directly, otherwise you would just expect more than you finally will get and end up may be a bit disappointed from day 1, such can ruin a vaca. in such case it would be better to book a cheap hotel straight on, you know what to expect, you get what you booked, no reson for disappointment.
happy travel