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Going back!


Guess what? For our 20 yr anniversary gift my husband told me to use my sky miles to get a ticket to Panama and he would give me money to shop and go to the resort for a few days. (Oh and he gave me a new diamond ring) I know I am spoiled! :wink:
I am only going for a little over a week but I am very excited. ;D I a going to stay with my friend in Panama city and shop for a few days then she is going with me to Decameron for 5 nights. She is Panamanian but she teaches English at the university there so she is going to help me with my Spanish.
I leave on Jan 27th, only 19 days away. It is such a last minute decision and I am a little nervous about traveling alone but I am sure it will be great. I can’t wait to get out of this cold weather. :sunglasses:
On a side note- for my husband’s anniversary gift, I gave him a fishing trip to Trails End Lodge in CANANDA!!



WOW!! Your husband is a keeper Veronica - what a sweetie!! I’m soooo jealous! :slight_smile:

What part of Canada is your husband going to for his fishing trip?

I was reading some reviews on Trip Advisor this morning and must say I am again disappointed at some travelers expectations. People are still complaining about the english language issue (and some other petty complaints). If they want a waiter that speaks fluent English they should book in Florida. It’s not rocket science!

We’re off to Mexico (Mayan Riviera) the day after tomorrow. I’m hoping it will be Panama again next year though. Have a great time on your trip Veronica!!


Trails End Lodge is in Ontario. The trip is scheduled for June. He is going with 3 other guys. I am sure they will have a great time.
I agree about the reviews. Epecially the one about racism. I could not believe that one. And the deal with language, oh my. I love the resort because of the language and the people.
I hope you have a great trip to Mexico.



Didn’t read the reviews that you’ve mentioned, but we were in Panama 2 years ago, and we loved it…found the people to be very friendly and accomodating, even if there was a language barrier ( few that spoke english well if at all ). I’ve always believed that travellers should do their best to learn a little of the language of the country that they’re visiting rather than expect the whole world to learn theirs.


Hi. I, too, would like to comment about the people complaining that the staff at Decameron don’t speak english.
Like my husband and I said, if people from Panama or Mexico, etc. came to our town to visit, we are not able to accommodate them in their language!
I really doubt our restaurants in Renfrew/Arnrpior, Ontario have staff that speak spanish!
I felt if you made the effort to communicate with them, you could always get your point or request across to them. We NEVER had a problem the 2 weeks we were there trying to communciate with ANYONE.


When I was there in November, I was chatting with the MC Pedro. I mentioned to him that some people were complaining about the language but that I did not agree with the complaints. He made the point that if all the maids, maintenance men, waiters, etc were multi lingual, they probably would be working somewhere else making more money. People seem to appreciate the cheap rates they get at Decameron but don’t realize that maybe the rates would go up if the hotel had to pay more for staff that spoke more than one language.
I go back to Heatseakers commment- If you want a waiter that speaks good English, go to a beach in Florida!



Lucky you Veronica to be going back to that beautiful resort so soon. I am envious. :wink: