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Going the same time as us


Hi Panama people

Just wondering if anyone is going to Panama the same time as our gang if so please let me know

thanks tc :sunglasses:


Sorrg Panama people im new at this we are going January 15 to the 22 2007


great time to go Tracey,
we are not going till march.



what is the wether like in january.We went to Cuba last year at this time and it was cool
the last 4 days we were there. We all like it hot hot hot



what is the wether like in january.We went to Cuba last year at this time and it was cool
the last 4 days we were there. We all like it hot hot hot



Both times we went to Panama it was in January and it was hot.
Found the evenings could be quite humid. Think the slight breeze during the day kept it from getting too hot.

Beautiful weather. :sunglasses:



oh good it gets so cold and that just seens to refresh us for the next half of the winter


We are going from Jan 8 to 22nd. Were there last year in same time frame and weather was hot hot hot !!! Saw maybe 10 drops of rain. As stated earlier it can get humid there. Great time of year to go and get away from the snow !!!


January is summer in Panama so it is hot, hot, hot and it definately can get humid. I just got back last week and even though this is rainy season, only saw a couple of sprinkles while at Decameron (it poured when we were in the city) and it was really hot. I have been to Panama many times and this time felt very hot to me (almost like the summer heat). I loved it and am already planning a trip back in the spring.



thx for the info im sure all 12 of us will enjoy


TC & Refchief: Looks like I will be arriving the day you are leaving.

Refchief: Where are you staying?



Staying at the Decameron. Stayed there last year and just loved it. Was going to go the same week as you, but I waited to long to book. If I didn’t go Jan 8 only other two week periods were Jan1 or Feb 26. Another option was to fly out of Montreal instead of Toronto but I didn’t want all the driving either. I found two weeks went by so fast last year. Were are you staying at ??


I know what you mean in regards to the time slot. I don’t know how we lucked out. The travel agent called Nolitours and told us either the eighth of January or twenty-sixth of February were available. We didn’t really want to go that late, so he called back to see if Nolitours would be willing to give us two one week slots. Whoever he got on the line said January 22 was available. Don’t know how, but it was. So we immediately booked it. Came home, went on line and there were some fourteen day openings suddenly. If we had of known that we would have booked January 29th. Perhaps they opened up a few more spaces or something, but I know they are gone now.

(We also waited too long to book, but had to wait until the vacation schedule came out at my husband’s place of employment.)

We are returning to the Decameron…third time for us. Can hardly wait to return and check out the expansion.



Bebbie, you are very lucky to get that time slot. I would prefer to go then. Seems to break up the winter. You basically return home to maybe 1 more month of winter. Mind you last year the worst snow storm was 4 days after I returned home. Tons of snow. Hazzards of living in Northern Ontario !!


We went early January 2005 and found it was too early. Got a super deal so couldn’t resist.

January 2004 we went to Panama towards the end of January. It does seem to break up the winter.

Only difference I found between the two time periods was that last year they were fumigating the grounds every evening. We didn’t see any of that the year before, so perhaps it has to do with the time of year.

Looking forward to going.


hi all i CAN"Twait till we go hehe



TC: What airline are you flying with?