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Going to/back from Iberostar Playa Alameda?

Hi y’all, so glad to meet you! ;D

On our first trip to the Varadero area, we’ve chosen the Iberostar Playa Alameda hotel on the end of the strip.

Is anyone going or has anyone been to this hotel? Your comments are appreciated, muchas gracias! :-*

:-*going there Feb 24, a group of 10 ( not all leaving from the same location ) Have expectations of a great time !! ;D :sunglasses:

hey, jemik, fellow Maritimer!
You’ll be going before us, so hopefully you’ll post your comments here when u get back? :-*
We’re set for March 19-26, first time so late in winter.
Cross your fingers and so will I! :slight_smile:

Sure Will Hmm A fellow Maritimer in Quebec :smiley: You bet we will let you know how it turns out ! Our group consists of 4 people from PEI, 2 from Saint John, and 4 from Winterpeg! All with Maritime roots, we have been to Cuba 4 times so we know what to expect! :o :o


Great melss, let us know how you liked it ;D ;D

Another Maritimer here.
There are nine of us from the ages of 70 to 23, heading to Playa Alameda on Feb 20th. 8 from Nova Scotia and one from Alberta. For some it is a first trip to Cuba, but most of us have visited many times before. Can’t wait to swim in that warm warm blue water.

Hollah to youz guyz :smiley: (Monctonian here)
I’m jealous of all of you going before us!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We usually go to Cuba end of January, so I’m curious as to how it will be weather-wise, winds, bugs, et al.
I’m told that the food will be better in March; dunno about that and anyhoo, we usually have little or no expectations when it concerns the food, so no surprises, and in any case, it’s
DA BEACH that interests us the most (oh yeah, that and DA RUM) ;D

Looking forward to hearing your comments and btw, just curious how did you all come to pick the Playa Alameda? Travel agent? Friends? the Internet?

Hola paulamac, I am sure we will see you on that beach :sunglasses:
you will be there 4 days before us ( PEI group ) but our friends from Winterpeg will br there on the 22, Save some rum for us !! :smiley: :smiley:
zendudette, we will leave our tracks in the sand for you to follow ( TO THE BAR ;D)

Hola todos
The beach is where we will be during the days. I heard the pool bar had a great Cuban band playing in the evenings, so will head there most nights. I think I used to hear them from Tryp Peninsula other years.
As to the weather. It will be fine. The weather in Cuba doesn’t seem to change too much from season to season. I have had cold days there in Feb, April and November, but the weather is always better than here!
I will look forward to meeting fellow Maritimers. Don’t be shy come over and introduce yourself!