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Going to Panama


We’ve booked! Going back to Panama, July 16 for 2 weeks. Unfortunately Nolitours doesn’t offer the 10/4 anymore so we had to get the resort for 2 weeks. We are going to try to take off on our own for a few days and get a hotel elsewhere. We’re looking at going up to Colon/Portobello for snorkeling. Then a couple of days in Panama City for shopping. (Hope my husband doesn’t read this thread. He doesn’t know about the shopping.) We don’t really want to rent a car because of insurance, traffic, etc. but would like to try it by bus and taxis. If anyone has done this or knows anything about it, advice would be appreciated. LS


Lucky you ! I only have beautiful souvenirs of our stay in Panama.Have you booked the Decameron, the Intercontinental or Gamboa ? The shopping is nice in Panama city. The clothes is not expensive and they have nice prices on emeralds. Hope your husband doesn’t read this. ;D The Decameron was the cleanest ever hotel I’ve seen. But it is huge , a lot of walking. Gamboa was a dream with an upgrade to the main building. There were shuttles between hotels and excursions to Panama city. The Panama canal museum is worth the visit. I haven’t been to Colon but I’m sure you can find a bus that will take you there from Panama City. ;D


abril19- we are booked at the Decameron. We were there last year and it was awesome and now it is supposed to be bigger with a couple of new restaurants. I would like to stay in Panama city for a couple of days rather than take the shuttle because it is such a lot of time wasted driving.LS


A couple of days in Panama City should satisfy your shopping urges. And give you time for a tour of the city. Lots of modern hotels. I think the shopping center’s name is Supermercado Rey (not sure) but anyways you can’t miss it. In there on the second floor there’s a restaurant that serves excellent asian style food at very good price. I know P.C. and Colon are about 40 miles from one another. You should’t have any problems getting around. Have you walked far on the beach of the Decameron ? If not if you walk about half a mile to the left of the Hotel you will see the ruins of Noriega’s house you can still see bullets holes in some places. If you walk to the right of the Hotel about half a mile you will get to a beach where local Indians go to the beach and fish. Make sure though you don’t go there at night. We saw in a local spanish newspaper while we were at Gamboa that someone had disapeared from the beach near the Decameron at night.