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Golf ...help!

We are thinking of going to Varadero the end of December. We have never been out of Canada so are quite excited. My husband and 21 year old son are golf fanatics. Where ever we go I know they will want to golf EVERY DAY!! So in order to get the trip I want (to Varadero)…I need to know what the golf course is like?
I have been to it’s website but need reviews from actual golfers!
Is it a beautiful course? To me…anything would be beautiful when it’s not covered in a foot of snow like the ones here…but they are picky! Is it easy to get to from hotels…We are looking at Sirenas Coral, Oasis Caribe and Tryp Pennisula! Looking forward to your replies! THANKS!!!

As I am quite familiar with the golf obsession…my wife and I were at the Breezes Bella Costa for 2 weeks in late October. We picked the Bella Costa for a couple of reasons. I wanted to golf each day for the 2 weeks and my wife wanted a beautiful beach. We searced for a deal and got a ocean view suite. (We heard that this was the way to go)

Nolitours provided unlimited golf as part of the deal. Now having said this, golf was not really free, as carts were mantatory at a cost of 44 cuban convertable. I was golfing as a walk on each morning and waited until I picked up a partner to keep the cost at 22 each for the cart.

Now lets wee how good the ol memory is…

The course was in great shape. Strictly Bermuda grass which I loved playing on. Keep it straight and you will be rewarded with a great lie. Rough is very playable. Greens roll true and not really that fast when I was there. The course is not that tough however a couple of the holes require shots to be placed properly for water crossings. Now of course every individual golfer has their own assessment when it comes to degree of difficulty. I think it was 16 which is called 3 lagoons. Each shot from the tee to the hole is a water carry. 17 is a little tricky. A par 3 which is over 200 yards in length. When the wind is blowing which it usually is…tough shot. We played one day with big wind. Had to hit driver on this whole just to reach the uphill green. #3 which is a Par 3 says 154, I think. It is closer to 164. I under clubed 2 days in a row …(not too swift I guess) # 8 also causes some problem if the wind is howling. Short hole but tough to hit the green in a gail. #18 is along the ocean and is a beautiful golf hole.

Should you have any specific questions drop me a line.


The guys in the bag shop are just wonderful lads! Richard is a brilliant man… Ernesto a great golfer…Yorkes and of course Victor (numero one) These folks work hard to provide great service getting the cart ready and looking after your clubs. Speaking of clubs, take yours. renting is costly. Make sure you also bring enough balls as the pro shop sells them but they are just priced way too high. If you find yourself needing golf balls lots of guys selling found balls on the course. Reasonable price also.

Transport to and from the course is easy via taxi. The cost is minimal with a couple of guys in the taxi.