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Golfing at Decameron


We are going to be at the Decameron for 3 weeks on Jan 24th and plan on golfing every 2nd or 3rd day. We are taking our golf clubs with us. Does anyone know what would be a recommended building to stay in so that we wouldn’t have a long ways to carry our clubs to the golf course? Or do they have golf club storage at the pro shop?

I understand that there are 3/5/7 day golf packages. Does anyone have current rates for these?

Last question. We are spending the first night in Panama City. Do you know if the shuttle for the Decameron will come to another hotel for a pickup or do they only come to the airport? As I understand it arrangements can be made directly with the Decameron by e-mailing.

This is our first trip to Panama and are really looking forward to it.



Hi bkitimat

The course is a little bit down the street from the resort, and thru a security gate at the entrance to the golf course villas. Just phone for a pick up at your room and they will come and get you and take you right to the course, or walk to the lobby and ask one of the staff for a ride, no problem. You can walk it, about 10 minutes but a ride is always available.

You can leave your clubs there in a secured rrom, no problem and no charge.

It’s really a great course. I was there in the beginning of Nov. and still think about it all the time. Beautiful, challenging layout, immaculately kept, not busy at all and very reasonable rates. $30 round plus $10 for a cart. 3 round package was a bit less - $115.00 Anywhere else in the carribean a course of this quality would be $100 minumum.

It gets really hot very quickly and suggest you play at 7 am. when they open. You will breeze right thru with no hold ups and be on the beach by 11.

Enjoy your stay. I did and plan on going back soon.

Feel free to ask me anything else you may want to know.



Hi Mikev1

Thanks for the info. If we can store our clubs we aren’t going to be too worried about which building we stay in. The stairs will be good exercise to wear off the all-inclusive food & beverage binges.

When playing golf were there refreshment stands or carts on the course? Just thinking about how hot it gets and if a person needs to take water with them when golfing. Also I hope that the rust of not playing for a few months doesn’t mean we have to bring a lot of golf balls with us. :sunglasses:

Did you by any chance golf at the Coronado course? We would like to do it once. We were thinking that it would be more economical to rent a car to go there and do some sight seeing at the same time.

Once again thanks,


Hi bkitimat

There is a refreshment cart coming around quite often. Very reasonable also - $1.50 for a beer.

When the sun is out it’s HOT. Drink plenty of water and wear a hat and sunglasses. Play early and get off.

If your rusty, better bring plenty of balls. Lots of water and villas on front 9. More water and wilderness on back nine. If you just wail away, your going to be in lots of trouble. Fair number of blind shots also but once you play it, your game will come around.

Didn’t have enough time to play other courses. Would be a great place to go for 2-3 weeks as along with golfing there is alot of other things to see and do.

Cabs are dirt cheap as is the local bus or vans. Car rental is just outside the resort gate. Again very reasonable as are most things in Panama. Nice not to get skinned when your on vacation.