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Good Bachelor Party Place


We are trying to book a trip to DR for a bachelor party. There will be about 15 guys in their late 20’s to early 30’s attending. Some attached and some single. We would like to know if you can recommend an all inclusive resort that is not too far from a lot of nightlife and what area the best nightlife is in for this kind of a trip. Any help is much appreciated!


I’m assuming that there are no children so therefore maybe you should book an "adults only a1 resort as they always seem to cater to singles and couples who want to have a great time with no children to bother them


By the sounds of it your best bet is going to be Sosua. There are several A.I.'s there. All the night life and plenty of chicas at your beck and call. PM me for particular thoughts and ideas.


Yikes—a never ending bacholar party—Punta Cana is not where you want to be because it is geared more to families, couples and honeymooners----try Sosua where the nightlife never ends :wink:


For a bachelor party, you might want to skip the AI since they are not chica friendly. :wink:
Check out this place.
Right across from Playa Dorada (golf, casinos, clubs, …) and on the main road between Puerto Plata and Sosua. :slight_smile:


If I remember the naming scheme correctly, any establishment that specifically calls itself a “night club” would be bachelor party friendly to the extreme.