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Good price?

I found a deal for air only from Halifax to Puerto Plata in July for $765. Does anyone know if this is a good price or should I wait till the new year to see if there are seat sales?

If that is air only - I would say it’s not that great! Sometime the selloff prices for a resort in POP with air included is about that price or a little higher. As well I would check the fine print - a lot of the flights to the DR from this area in the summer actual go through Toronto.

Thanks Sackie, I think this flight actually does go through Montreal. Apparently Im not going to be able to get a direct flight from Halifax in July. Most of the flights that Ive seen were $1000+ so this one seemed ok. However, I saw a one day seat sale on yesterday from West Jet and the price was $565 or something like that…the only thing was it was for travel till March and I need a sale in July… I guess its still pretty early yet...the TA Im talking to says that if I wait we can probably catch another seat sale but it`s always a gamble…

If you can drive to Toronto, You’ll find a deal in July.

I dont think Ill drive it but I could fly…it looks like Ill either have to fly from Halifax to Toronto, Montreal or the states regardless. Im looking for a deal that includes all the flights but if needed I could use airmiles to get to Toronto or Montreal…